General Hospital News: BREAKING; Emme Rylan Opens Up On Returning To GH

General Hospital fans were shocked to learn that fan favorite actress, Emme Rylan, was let go from the 57 year old daytime drama, as the iconic character of Lulu Spencer Falconeri.

Shortly after the General Hospital spoilers revealed her exit, GH rumors began circulating social media. However, General Hospital news reported on Emme’s message to fans, clueing them in on her plans to travel the country with her family.

Recent General Hospital news has broken regarding Emme’s status at GH. Along with revealing she “did not choose” to leave, she also made a statement about how she found out and what she knows about future plans.

Rylan revealed, “I was told that I was being taken off contract and that the character was being put into a coma,” followed by stating, “I wasn’t informed about anything else.” In regard to her potential return, Emme Rylan also revealed, “If they invite me back, I would definitely come back,” she declared. “I love my GH family.”

We sure hope to see Emme Rylan return to General Hospital as the beloved Lulu Spencer Falconieri!

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