General Hospital News: BREAKING! Kirsten Storms Undergoes Brain Surgery

ABC’s General Hospital has such an amazingly outstanding and talented cast. Most of the key players on the set of GH have stuck around for many years. Many actors and actresses are passed their first entire decade, and into the second. Daytime TV’s Kirsten Storms is right there with the talented cast that has been in her role for a very long time.

Kirsten Storms has played Maxie Jones since 2005. She took a brief leave of absence from 2011-2012. She has remained front and center throughout her duration on the soap.

Breaking General Hospital news reports confirm that the daytime leading lady, Kirsten Storms has undergone brain surgery.

Due to the sensitive and serious nature of this breaking news, General Hospital Blog will like to leave the delivery of this information right to the source.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Kirsten has shared her shocking revelation with her General Hospital fans on her Instagram page. Kristen is accompanied by her on screen and real life BFF, Emme Rylan. Their friendship is absolutely beautiful, as both ladies reciprocate actions of what true friendship is all about.

We are keeping Kristen Storms high up in our prayers 🙏🏻 as she recovers from this medical situation. We also pray for and thank the doctors who have taken care of Kirsten. And of course, for Emme Rylan, along with Kirsten’s family and friends, and all those who have helped her through this difficult time.

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