BREAKING! General Hospital News and Spoilers: Nicholas Alexander Chavez Unfollows GH Cast Connections And Removes Images

Nicholas Chavez unfollows General Hospital co-stars and content
Nicholas Chavez unfollows General Hospital co-stars and content

It looks as though shocking news has hit social media platforms. Typically, a news story breaks and is then published and shared to social media platforms. Safe to say that social media has changed the way news circulates through target markets, and beyond.

Evidently, social media posting and sharing has taken a rare, but familiar turn. According to General Hospital news, GH star Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas Cassadine) hinted of his shocking GH exit. In December Of 2022 Coloma unfollowed all accounts relating to General Hospital on Instagram and Twitter. General Hospital blog and observant fans noticed the clues almost immediately. Soon after, GH rumors about Coloma’s GH status rapidly spread through fan groups and pages.

Coloma’s clues led to GH rumors that turned out to be true. That’s when It was later revealed that Marcus Coloma would exit the daytime drama.

Fast forward over a year and we have come across a similar situation. Ironically, Coloma’s TV son Nicholas Chavez who plays Spencer Cassadine Has unfollowed General Hospital co-stars and content. According to General Hospital news reports Chavez took time off Spencer for his role in the Netflix series, Monsters: Lyle and Eric Menendez. The young Emmy winner was set to return in May of 2024 to reprise his role as Spencer Cassadine. However, Chavez’s recent social media activity is eerily familiar to that of ex-co-star, Marcus Coloma back in 2022.

Nicholas Chavez Hints At GH Exit

General Hospital news reports reveal that Nicholas Chavez unfollows General Hospital connections and deleted GH related images. Reportedly, Chavez’s Instagram looks quite bare, with no sign of General Hospital among the photos. Although Nicholas Chavez continues to follow GH co-stars via IG. However, Chavez has removed all but one GH related connection on X (formerly known as Twitter). Despite giving all of his co-stars the bog UNFOLLOW, GH’s Spencer Cassadine bridges the GH gap. Curiously, Nicholas continues to follow Executive Producer Frank Valentini.

Is history repeating itself in regard to the recent cordial media clues. Sadly, it came true when Coloma exited GH, and it’s highly possibly that Chavez has followed in his tv dad’s footsteps. Did Nicholas Alexander Chavez hint at an upcoming GH exit?

Please check back with General Hospital Blog as this story unfolds.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: BREAKING! Roger Howarth Confirms GH Exit, Ends His Run On GH

Austin Holt dies Roger Howarth Exits GH
Austin Holt dies Roger Howarth Exits GH

Dr. Austin Gatlin Holt was shot and left to die. Immediately, GH fans feared the worst for their beloved character’s fate. It’s no secret that Roger Howarth has a dedicated Dan following. That said, it doesn’t really matter which time he played, Howarth was welcomed with open arms.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors regarding Howarth’s GH status after Austin was shot. Many feared the worst for Austin, dreading his sudden death. Meanwhile, other GH rumors speculated that Austin would recover. But those weren’t the only GH rumors surrounding Austin’s shooting. Additionally, GH fans mentioned the fact that they’ve killed off Howarth’s roles in the past, just to bring him back to the canvas as someone entirely new.

General Hospital BREAKING News: Austin Holt Dies Roger Howarth Exits GH

Sadly, GH fan’s fears have come true. According to GH news reports, Roger Howarth confirmed that his time at General Hospital is over. He took to Instagram to share the news, along with his gratitude for his experience at General Hospital. So many had hoped that Austin would live. But the love for this character came over time. At first, many were skeptical of the Pautuck doctor and mourned Franco Baldwin’s unexpected demise. Then, Austin began to grow on GH fans despite the fizzled ikr attempt at romance with Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Finally, Austin and Ava’s storyline brought fans to the edge of their seats as Cyrus pulled the strings.

Roger Howarth will truly be missed as we regret to confirm his GH Exit.

General Hospital News: BREAKING! General Hospital Announces Death Of Icon Jackie Zeman

Jackie Zeman died at 70 Jaclyn Zeman dead GH

GH’s Jackie Zeman dead at 70. General Hospital star Jackie Zeman’s death shocks Americans. It is with great sadness and devastation that we inform you all of Jackie Zeman’s passing. The Emmy nominated actress was born on March 6th, 1953, and passed away at the age of 70.

Jackie Zeman Dead at 70

The iconic actress played the extraordinary mother and grandmother, sister, friend, Bobbie Spencer. According to General Hospital news reports, the shocking news was shared from GH’s official Facebook account. Tonight, we are in complete shock over the untimely death of this legend.

GH news and spoilers indicate that Jackie originated the role of Bobbie Spencer, creating a strong, yet loving persona. As Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary) sister, Bobbie knew a thing or two about adventure, excitement, and all around life. The once troubled young woman turned her life around and began to develop healthy relationships with her loved ones. Bobbie’s daughter Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) came into her life with a mission to destroy her mother. Then, after schemes, lies, and more betrayals, the mother and daughter managed to pick up he pieces of their broken relationship and grow closer. Today, Bobbie, Carly, and Carly’s daughter Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) portrayed three generations of Spencer women. The actress, a true icon.

General Hospital news reports have yet to disclose Zeman’s cause of death. At this time, it’s essential that we as fans and supporters keep Jackie, her family, friends, loved ones, and of course, her GH family, in our prayers.

General Hospital News: BREAKING! Kirsten Storms Undergoes Brain Surgery

ABC’s General Hospital has such an amazingly outstanding and talented cast. Most of the key players on the set of GH have stuck around for many years. Many actors and actresses are passed their first entire decade, and into the second. Daytime TV’s Kirsten Storms is right there with the talented cast that has been in her role for a very long time.

Kirsten Storms has played Maxie Jones since 2005. She took a brief leave of absence from 2011-2012. She has remained front and center throughout her duration on the soap.

Breaking General Hospital news reports confirm that the daytime leading lady, Kirsten Storms has undergone brain surgery.

Due to the sensitive and serious nature of this breaking news, General Hospital Blog will like to leave the delivery of this information right to the source.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Kirsten has shared her shocking revelation with her General Hospital fans on her Instagram page. Kristen is accompanied by her on screen and real life BFF, Emme Rylan. Their friendship is absolutely beautiful, as both ladies reciprocate actions of what true friendship is all about.

We are keeping Kristen Storms high up in our prayers ???????? as she recovers from this medical situation. We also pray for and thank the doctors who have taken care of Kirsten. And of course, for Emme Rylan, along with Kirsten’s family and friends, and all those who have helped her through this difficult time.

General Hospital News: William deVry Posts, “Never know what’s around the corner in life,” and More Hints Toward Confirming GH Exit

Earlier this evening General Hospital Blog posted breaking General Hospital news.

Mulpitle sources have reported the shocking General Hospital spoilers regarding GH rumors of casting cuts. General Hospital rumors claim two long running actors, William deVry and Emme Rylan have been let go from General Hospital.

A recent tweet from William deVry helps support GH rumors that deVry is onto a new chapter in life, possibly leaving his GH character, Julian Jerome behind.

There has been no GH news update on the current stays of Emme Rylan as Lulu Spencer Falconeri on GH.

General Hospital Breaking News: GH’s Kirsten Storms Is Being Sued Over Ex-Boyfriend’s Bail

General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms is best know for her roles as Maxie Jones on GH, Belle Black on Days Of Our Lives, and Disney’s Zenon. In 2017, Kirsten Storms then boyfriend, John Farrow, was involved in an incident and run in with the law.

In August of 2017, Always Bail Bonds foot the $30,000 bill for Farrows bail, on one condition- GH actress Kirsten Storms agreed to that condition that she would vouch for John Farrow in the event he skipped town or broke his agreement in any way.

General Hospital news reports a month after the incident, Farrow failed to appear in court, making Storms now responsible for his bail money.

American Contractors Indemnity is the company suing Storms for the $30,000. The investigation is ongoing and Storms has not reached out to news sources for comment at this time.

General Hospital News: As Covid-19 Quarantine Extends, GH To Air Repeats On Fridays

The Executives over at ABC have decided to scale down the weekly episodes of the Daytime Drama, General Hospital.

General Hospital will be celebrating it’s 57th year on air on April 1st, 2020. As the anniversary of the soap quickly approaches, the network has made a mjor announcement in regard to the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

General Hospital spoilers reveal breaking news of a new schedule tailored to help extend the weeks with new episodes. General Hospital will air new episodes on Monday through Thursday, and airing old episodes on Fridays.

It’s important in these trying times to stay loyal as fans and continue to support the cast and crew of GH.