General Hospital News: Covid-19 Hits GH Directly As Two Female Cast Members Allegedly Test Positive

General Hospital breaking news has just hit social media as it has been reported that two female General Hospital stars have tested positive for Covid-19.
According to Soap Dirt, Names of the two females have not been released, however General Hospital rumors suspect Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) as one of the one’s effected. Monaco’s BFF Shanna Moakler, has been confirmed to have Covid-19. Moakler said, “I’m just really exhausted,” Fox News reporter.
Just a couple days ago, General Hospital Blog announced that GH will resume production on July 20th. However, due to the latest General Hospital spoilers and rumors, this date may be postponed as they work through all the rumors regarding cast members contracting Covid-19. There has not been another female named as of yet.

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