General Hospital News: Mom Of Twins Theo And Erik Explains COVID Restrictions, Baby Wiley Filmed From Own Crib

Theo and Erik Olson are the twin toddlers who play Wiley Corinthos on General Hospital. Wiley’s story line is front and center as we watch Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) become even more unhinged after the custody verdict was announced.

General Hospital news informs fans that due to COVID-19 restrictions, babies and children are not allowed on set. The Olson twins play a key role in the current GH story line which makes it a little challenging for the cast and crew. However, technology can be a Godsend as it is being used to include baby Wiley in scenes. The twin’s mother took to Instagram to explain how they have gotten over this set rule obstacle. She explains that the boys are filmed from their own home with the direction of GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini.

Erik and Theo’s mom goes on to thank Frank for gifting each of her son’s with their very own Mr. Hopsicle stuffed kangaroo.


General Hospital News: More a Covid Related Changes; Will Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) To Be Replaced By Chad Duell’s (Michael) Real Life GF?

As the cast and crew of General Hospital prepare to head back into the studio and dive back into filming, many changes will be made to ensure the safety and health of the actors and crew on set. The latest General Hospital news reports changes that will be made on set regarding close and personal contact such as love scenes.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal a very interesting tactic that will be used when filming love scenes. General Hospital rumors indicate when feasible, actors and actresses real life significant others could be cast as body doubles in love scenes. For instance, Chad Duell’s (Michael Corinthos) real life girlfriend, Courtney Hope from The Bold and the Beautiful, has been rumored to be replacing Katelyn MacMullen in scenes where Willow and Michael become intimate. If this is true, it’s highly likely this will be the case for other on screen couples when feasible.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest the two will ultimately fall in love, despite their marriage that took place solely to get custody of Wiley. If these two characters fall in love, there will be a need to work love scenes into the story, which would then bring up the possibility of minimizing personal contact if real life significant others are used as opposed to the actual actors who play a specific character.

Although this essentially makes sense, it’s unclear how this will work realistically, especially when a real life significant other is either non existent or unavailable for the scenes. For now, this new precaution is just a GH rumor but Genera Hospital Blog will update fans with any new concrete information regarding the new normal for returning to film.

General Hospital News: GH Limits Cast, New Exits Could Be Underway

The recommended guidelines for LA County film studios to follow upon returning to work is a laundry list of to-dos in order to help keep the cast and crew healthy and safe from contracting Covid-19.

Among those restrictions includes the amount of people that are allowed to be on set and in a scene at any given time.

Genera Hospital rumors have been circulating regarding the future of Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) as her character seems unredeemable at this point in time. Before quarantine, Nelle married Julian Jerome (William DeVry) in a pathetic attempt to one up her ex, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and his new bride Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), while trying to gain custody of their son, Wiley. GH rumors hint that Nelle may be approaching the end of her days as she married Julian, a mobster, and things may not end well for Nelle.

In other General Hospital spoilers, it’s been apparent that Sonny’s father, Mike Corbin (Max Gail) is living his final days in the company of his son, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), his wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), along with the entire Corinthos family, and close friends. Although this story line was already in the works, it may be hurried up a bit in order to minimize the number of cast members on set during the early times of returning to work with Covid-19.

The details of when and how GH will resume production are still unclear, however, the July 20th date remains on the table.

Genera Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on the lates information regarding the production of new GH episodes ar Prospect Studios in Los Angeles.

General Hospital News: GH’s Finola Hughes Assures Fans With Nostalgic Video, Announces “We’ll be back”

I’m recent GH news and spoilers, it was said to be that July 20th was the date most recently set for film production in LA County to resume. However, after General Hospital news and rumors started circulating, this date is now left up in the air. General Hospitals rumors claim that two General Hospital female actors have tested positive for Covid-19.

General Hospitals news and spoilers revealed the cast and crew would return to work on July 20th and new episodes would start airing nearing the end of August. Since it has been rumored that actress Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) may have been one of the two females who have allegedly tested positive for Covid-19. Kelly’s BFF, Shanna Moakler has confirmed to have the illness and it’s been rumored that the two women have been hanging out together.

Despite all the back and forth, ups and downs, and uncertainty, we keep faith in knowing that things will get back to normal, and General Hospital will soon begin again.

General Hospital’s Finolas Hughes took to social media to reach out to fans, letting them know more about the future of GH. In her most recent post on Instagram, Finola Hughes, who plays Anna Devane, posted a short video clip of General Hospital scenes, making fans feel quite nostalgic. The caption read, “We’ll be back…” Take a look a the post and video below.


General Hospital News: Covid-19 Hits GH Directly As Two Female Cast Members Allegedly Test Positive

General Hospital breaking news has just hit social media as it has been reported that two female General Hospital stars have tested positive for Covid-19.
According to Soap Dirt, Names of the two females have not been released, however General Hospital rumors suspect Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) as one of the one’s effected. Monaco’s BFF Shanna Moakler, has been confirmed to have Covid-19. Moakler said, “I’m just really exhausted,” Fox News reporter.
Just a couple days ago, General Hospital Blog announced that GH will resume production on July 20th. However, due to the latest General Hospital spoilers and rumors, this date may be postponed as they work through all the rumors regarding cast members contracting Covid-19. There has not been another female named as of yet.

General Hospital News: GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn Has A Message To Those Judging Her Covid-19 Attitude

Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital, wants those who judge her attitude during a global pandemic to get this loud and clear.
In a recent tweet, Grahn uses a GIF of her character Alexis, to express how she feels about being lectured about her attitude during this Corona Virus pandemic.
We all know this is an extremely stressful time, and what better way to lighten things up than some light hearted internet fun? Take a look at Nancy’s message…

General Hospital News: Breaking! GH Will Run Out Of Episodes, Here’s What Will Take The Place

Breaking news regarding the production of ABC’s, General Hospital surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has been released. This General Hospital news has been an ongoing concern since the early days of the quarantine/lock-down for the Corona Virus.

General Hospital news has just been confirmed that General Hospital will run out of new episodes as of Thursday, May 21st. After the 21st of May, GH fans can expect to see classic Nurses Ball episodes for the first three weeks of repeats.

The Executives at GH made the decision to spread out the broadcast of new material and incorporated flashbacks within the scenes of the new episodes. Friday episodes have been repeats to further extend the length in which new episodes were aired.

The restart of production has yet to be determined as the Covid-19 outbreak is running it’s course. General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted on any developing information.

General Hospital News: William Lipton Announces Tentative Date To Restart Production After Quarantine

Filming for the ABC Daytime Drama, General Hospital, has been on hiatus due to the effects of the global pandemic, Covid-19. To aid in the attempt at keeping the cast and crew of General Hospital, along with our nation as a whole, healthy and safe, the show had stopped production indefinitely.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal, General Hospital’s William Lipton, who plays Cameron Webber, mentioned on his Live Instagram story that filming for new episodes of GH has been tentatively set to August 2020.

The decision to incorporate flashback scenes within new episodes, along with using Fridays as a day to air flashback episodes has served well in the attempt to sprawl out the airing of new episodes. The Executives over at GH are trying to avoid a gap between when they stopped filming at the onset of the Corona Virus pandemic, to when they will be able to resume. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected length of our current situation and being in quarantine, it’s almost certain that General Hospital is about to run out of new episodes to air before the cast and crew returns to work.

Other Daytime Drama shows such as, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless, have been airing repeat episodes, which could be the next step got GH as well.

As of now, filming will restart in August, unless any new information and updates are reported.

General Hospital News: Uncertain Days Ahead For Cast And Crew Of GH

The production of new episode of General Hospital has been put on hold since mid March due to the threat of the global pandemic, Covid-19. The cast and crew of ABC’s GH has been on hiatus for over a month, and it remains uncertain as to when everyone will be able to head back to work and jump back into production.

General Hospital news and spoilers report the cast and crew of General Hospital is still on hiatus, and are following social distancing orders, which includes the halt of production at Prospect Studios in California. Quarantine is still in effect for most parts of USA and it remains uncertain when our personal as well as work lives get back to normal.

General Hospital spoilers show GH’s Ingo Rademacher who plays Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks reaching out to his fellow co-stars and friends during this time of quarantine, expressing how he is missing his GH family.

The Executives over at ABC and GH have spread out the airing of new episodes by incorporating flashbacks within new episodes, along with airing repeat flashback episodes every Friday while still in quarantine.

We look forward to the day the order to isolate is lifted and we can all return to our families, friends, routine, work life, and entertainment outlets. Until then we are all in this together and continue to support one another throughout and beyond this difficult time.


General Hospital News: As Covid-19 Quarantine Extends, GH To Air Repeats On Fridays

The Executives over at ABC have decided to scale down the weekly episodes of the Daytime Drama, General Hospital.

General Hospital will be celebrating it’s 57th year on air on April 1st, 2020. As the anniversary of the soap quickly approaches, the network has made a mjor announcement in regard to the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

General Hospital spoilers reveal breaking news of a new schedule tailored to help extend the weeks with new episodes. General Hospital will air new episodes on Monday through Thursday, and airing old episodes on Fridays.

It’s important in these trying times to stay loyal as fans and continue to support the cast and crew of GH.