General Hospital News: Emme Rylan Reveals Life Altering Twist In Plans

Every since General Hospital news reports confirmed that General Hospital was letting go of fam favorite actress, Emme Rylan, the fam buzz hasn’t died down. GH fans miss Emme and her character, Lulu Spencer Falconeri, who was tragically injured by Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) attack and is now in a coma.

General Hospital rumors have gone back and forth on whether or not Rylan had been contacted and asked to return by TPTB over at the daytime drama. Rylan herself debunked the rumors, telling a fan on Instagram that she had not been contacted or asked to return to General Hospital.

Last month, General Hospital Blog reported that Emme Rylan shared some news on her Instagram story, informing fans that she was down in Nashville, checking things out for a potential move. Don [Money] has business opportunities in Nashville where their family wad considering to relocate.

However, General Hospital spoilers reveal Emme has shared a life altering modification to their plans.

Emme Rylan has informed fans that she and her family are indeed moving, but not to Nashville. She was excited for the change and explained they will be closer to family when they move to St. Louis, Missouri. She assured fans she would still be auditioning and visiting her sister in Los Angeles.