General Hospital News: Emme Rylan’s House Listing NIGHTMARE, From Internet Scam To Intruders!

If you think the drama General Hospital delivers on the regular is enough to keep you at the edge of your seat; just wait until you learn about this real life drama being experienced by GH’s Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer Falconeri).

Just yesterday, General Hospital Blog shared GH news regarding an internet hoax surrounding fan favorite and total sweetheart, Emme Rylan. Rylan was victim of the played-out, dead celebrity hoax. She announced that someone had posted a death announcement, claiming the 40 year old actress had passed away. Rylan quickly took to Instagram to clear the air and assure fans she’s alive and well.

Following this news, General Hospital spoilers reveal Rylan has fallen victim yet again of another type of hoax. This time, involving her family home, an internet scene, intruders, and stolen money!

In the video below, Rylan explains that someone took the house listing of the home they are currently renting and took it upon themselves to share the listing with false information. It didn’t stop there. This scammer took deposits from interested parties, and even had strangers randomly entering Emme and Don Money’s home.

You won’t believe the drama until you hear it for yourself from Emme Rylan in this video below.

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