General Hospital News: GH’s Cynthia Watros Shuts Down Haters After Unsolicited Critics Tear Down Actress

Twitter is a place to use your voice and get what you think, feel, know, etc., out into the open. However, it doesn’t always mean it’s right or kind.

General Hospital news reports, actress actress Cynthia Watros experienced a taste of the Twitter fandom in what was one of their ugliest hours.

General Hospital spoilers revealed Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) finally had a love scene, and it became all the buzz on social media. Unqualified and unsolicited critics came out of the woodwork to express their option. Although many beware positive and encouraging; even one comment is too many when someone is being downright cruel.

In a recent tweet in her own defense, Cynthia Watros shot down haters by slapping back with a powerful response. Watros informs the haters, “I was one of those kids who would get teased, most of my childhood. I remember a whole school bus of my classmates getting off at my bus stop just to see me get beaten up by someone who didn’t like me. Your negative comments aren’t anything I haven’t seen before.” In other words, she tells these people to shove it because nothing they can say can bring her down. She’s seen it all before and basically she isn’t going to let their words effect her.

It’s beautiful to see how many true fans jumped to Cynthia’s defense. Co-star and friend, Laura Wright, who plays, the iconic Carly Corinthos, chimed in to support her friend. Take a look at some of the tweets below.

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