General Hospital News: GH’s Kelly Thiebaud Suffers A Heartbreaking Loss

Kelly Thiebaud says goodbye to her dog Ranger
Kelly Thiebaud says goodbye to her dog Ranger

In 2012, Kelly Thiebaud joined General Hospital’s cast as the troublemaking tough cookie, Dr. Britt Westbourne. She was fiery and problematic, but deep down she had a good heart. Eventually, a kinder more genuine, but Westbourne emerged.

According to General Hospital news and recaps, Dr. Britt Westbourne born died in her mother Liesl’s (Kathleen Gati) arms in 2023. Too many fans, her death was extremely heartbreaking. Although fictional, Kelly Thiebaud’s character worked her way into our hearts. And when Dr. Westbourne died many of us felt that and could empathize with Dr. Obrecht.

Unfortunately, loss is an inevitable part of life. is an inevitable part of life. It doesn’t matter the type, or the who, and the what. What matters is that? Everyone experiences the grief from losing someone or something we love.

Kelly Thiebaud Says Goodbye To Her Dog Ranger

General Hospital news reports confirm that Kelly Thiebaud suffers a heartbreaking loss. Kelly’s latest Instagram post shares the sad news that her dog Ranger has died. The Emmy winning actress shared her sentiments along with picture memories of her life with Ranger.

Our hearts go out to Kelly as she copes with losing Ranger.