General Hospital News: Vanessa Marcil Is Grateful To Maurice Benard For Helping Heal Her Broken Heart

General Hospital’s Vanessa Marcil, who has played Brenda Barrett alongside soap icon, Maurice Benard aka Sonny Corinthos, is reflecting on her relationship with real friend and co-star.

Vanessa and Maurice developed a true friendship throughout their years spent together on the set of GH.

General Hospital news and spoilers report Vanessa Marcil shared her gratitude for her friendship with Maurice Benard via Instagram. Marcil shared a nostalgic photo of herself with her father, crediting Maurice for helping heal her broken heart through her struggles with her relationship with her father.

General Hospital news and spoilers show a recent post from Vanessa. She states, “Working with Maurice helped me to heal my broken heart over my father not loving me.” Vanessa goes on to explain how her story line with Maurice on the set of GH helped her work through her feelings.

General Hospital rumors hint that these two may reconnect again on set as Vanessa has been rumored to be on her way back to GH as Brenda Barrett.

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