General Hospital News: GH’s Marcus Coloma Has A Personal Explanation For Fans, He’s Sort Of A Perfectionist And It’s So Relatable

Many of us use our social media platforms for a way to express ourselves and often times to show people some sort of talent or something about ourselves that’s deep and personal.

General Hospital news reports GH star, Marcus Coloma, who portrays the Dark Prince, Nikolas Cassadine has sent a message to fans explaining something deeply personal about himself. I am Instagram video, Coloma shares with fans that he often gets asked why he posts something and then often times deleted his post. Marcus has answered fans questions and concerns honestly and we can totally relate.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, in the clip below, Marcus let’s fans in on why he does what he does. Coloma says he gets really excited when he does a musics project and wants everyone to check out out. He’ll post, and then a day or so goes by and he’ll look at things he could improve and so then he takes down the post.

Can you related to Marcus Coloma’s methods? We sure can! Sometimes we just are so excited about something we have done and we want the world to see, but then we look at like… 👀 😬. That’s where the deletion of the post begins.

Marcus can explain himself better than we can so give his post below a good watch. And get it before it’s gone! Ha! 😉

Micki is an avid General Hospital fan. Her passion for writing and the compelling nature of the storylines is a perfect equation for writing a GH blog. Micki has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University and spends time writing poetry and song lyrics.