General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Breaks His Silence, His Emotional Message To Fans Reaffirms His GH Exit

Marcus Coloma addresses GH exit Coloma’s emotional message to fans

GH’s Nikolas Cassadine; Marcus Coloma addresses GH exit news in an emotional message! Marcus Coloma broke his silence on the shocking news of his General Hospital exit. The last few days seem more like a storyline from a daytime drama than the reality of what life can throw at you. Coloma’s social media activity was the first clue toward the unfortunate news.

General Hospital news reports confirm General Hospital star Marcus Coloma will no longer play the role of Nikolas Cassadine. Coloma took over as Nikolas in 2019. He has acquired a large fan base, as well as, becoming close to his cast-mates. The actor admits being part of GH felt like being surrounded by family. Despite the fact that Coloma is no longer playing Nikolas Cassadine, he assures fans he will still record videos with the close friends he has made on set. Marcus became close with GH’s lead actor Maurice Benard, and soap vet Kin Shriner.

Marcus Coloma Addresses His GH Exit

General Hospital news and spoilers indicate Marcus has taken to Instagram to address his exit from General Hospital. First, he thanked fans for their comments on his video featuring his dog. Together they danced to the theme of Dirty Dancing, (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. Next, Marcus addressed his upcoming exit from GH. He revealed that an ABC rep confirmed, “Marcus Coloma will no longer be playing the role of Nikolas Cassadine.” He continued with an emotional message to fans. Coloma confessed, “It’s hard to even say it, I get so sad when I think about it.”

Finally, the debate over Marcus Coloma’s General Hospital status was put to rest. Sadly, the actor has confirmed what his fans feared. General Hospital comings and goings news confirms Marcus Coloma is OUT at GH as Nikolas Cassadine.

Our hearts are breaking as we process this unexpected news. Marcus will greatly be missed. We wish him the absolute best!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma’s GH Exit Comes Shortly After Fans Vote In Tyler Christopher’s Favor

Is Tyler Christopher returning to GH

What happens to Nikolas Cassadine? Will Tyler Christopher return to GH? Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) future is in question after social media activity sparked unexpected General Hospital rumors.

A few instances that have occurred earlier this Fall have ultimately lead to the latest breaking news. General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm recent GH rumors regarding Marcus Coloma’s status with the soap opera are true.

First, fans responded to news involving former GH star Tyler Christopher. In mid November, he took to social media to address his willingness and capability to return to daytime. Upon Marcus Coloma’s recent but brief absences, Tyler offered to take over as Nikolas, General Hospital Blog shared the news, asking fans if they’d want to see Christopher back into that role.

Will Tyler Christopher return to GH?

Next, a group of about 900 (and counting) GH fans responded to a GH poll shared by General Hospital Blog. Fans were asked if they want to see Tyler Christopher return to General Hospital as Nikolas Cassadine. Current results reveal 78% of fans voted YES to Christopher’s return.

GH poll Nikolas Cassadine Marcus Coloma Tyler Christopher

Finally, eagle eyes fans noticed peculiar activity from Marcus Coloma’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. As a result, GH Coloma’s status with the almost 60 year old daytime drama became a concern. GH Blog shared the facts that lead to the the predicted outcome. GH news reports now confirm Marcus Coloma’s upcoming GH exit.

Tyler Christopher has already given the green light to ABC if ever a recast was needed for Nikolas Cassadine. Coincidentally, news of Coloma’s exit came just over a month after Tyler addressed a potential return. Will we see Tyler Christopher reprise his iconic role?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: BREAKING! Marcus Coloma Exits GH As Nikolas Cassadine

Marcus Coloma leaving General Hospital

Breaking: Marcus Coloma exits General Hospital! Last week, eagle eyed fans brought awareness to something peculiar noticed from General Hospital star Marcus Coloma’s social media profiles.

General Hospital news and spoilers shared an interesting tidbit which sparked new rumors surrounding Coloma’s status with the daytime drama.

As it turns out, General Hospital rumors previously shared by GH Blog have now developed into the latest GH news. General Hospital comings and goings reports reveal Marcus Coloma’s social media activity is a sign of the times.

Marcus Coloma Exits General Hospital

Nikolas Cassadine is a front and center fan favorite, and a key character among the prominent Cassadine family. Marcus Coloma took over the role as Nikolas Cassadine from iconic actor Tyler Christopher. Coloma has done a fantastic job stealing the hearts of GH and particularly Nikolas fans. He stepped into the role with some big shoes to fill and was able to stay true to the role while also making it his own. The dark Prince has a way about him that makes the audience love him, hate him, or love to hate him. He’s sinister yet sweet, calculating yet naive. Nikolas’s most recent coupling with Ava Jerome (Maura West) became an extremely supported pairing. 

GH news reports have not confirmed Coloma’s last air date as Nikolas Cassadine. General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on the latest developments surrounding Marcus Coloma’s GH exit.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s ‘Nikolas Cassadine’ OUT?! Marcus Coloma Shocks Fans With Recent News- Removes ‘General Hospital’ From IG Bio

Nicholas Chavez unfollows General Hospital
Marcus Coloma Leaving General Hospital

Is Marcus Coloma leaving GH? The role of Nikolas Cassadine remains an ever-popular character. As the main focus of an iconic family in Port Charles, there’s always drama surrounding Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma).

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm the role of Nikolas Cassadine was originated by Emmy winner Tyler Christopher in 1996. Christopher gave Nikolas Cassadine his iconic “dark Prince” personal, leaving big shoes to fill upon his exit from General Hospital. He left the daytime drama in 1999 and the role was recast with Coltin Scott until 2003. Later that year, Tyler Christopher pleasantly surprised fans when he made his return debut in April of 2003. His second run as Nikolas Cassadine outran his first, lasting from 2003-2011. Tyler was let go from the role but then later reprised the iconic character for General Hospital’s fiftieth anniversary in 2013. He remained in the role until 2016 when Nikolas faked his own death.

Is Marcus Coloma leaving GH?

Fast forward about three years and General Hospital fans were shocked to learn Nikolas wasn’t really dead. Nikolas returned in 2019 however, fans were presented with a recast for the well-known role.  

Marcus Coloma took over as Nikolas Cassadine and was immediately faced with challenging storylines. He had big shoes to fill after Tyler Christopher’s portrayal set the stage for the character’s iconic personality. Previously, General Hospital Blog reported Coloma disclosed his fear that he’d be killed off while struggling to get the right feel for the role. You can learn more about Marcus Coloma’s first experiences while filming as Nikolas in previous GH news reports HERE.

Recent General Hospital news reports reveal shocking news regarding Marcus Coloma’s connection to ABC’s General Hospital. Social media has made it possible for the actors to engage with fans, discussing everything from their personal lives to the exciting storylines, and everything in between. Marcus Coloma recently shocked fans when changes made to his Instagram and Twitter accounts caught their attention. The daytime tv star has removed ‘General Hospital’ from his IG bio and has unfollowed everyone.

We are unsure what to make of these sudden changes on Marcus Coloma’s social media accounts. Unfortunately, no official information regarding Coloma’s status with GH have either confirmed or denied news of his GH exit. GH Blog is dedicated to providing fans with the most up to date and accurate information regarding GH related NEWS. Please keep checking back on our website for updates regarding Marcus Coloma’s status as Nikolas Cassadine. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Sends Message To Fans, Reveals Reason For Nikolas Cassadine Recast

Nikolas Cassadine recast Marcus Coloma Adam Huss

Marcus Coloma reveals reason for Nikolas Cassadine recast! GH news reports confirmed Adam Huss stepped into Coloma’s role as Nikolas Cassadine.

Marcus is one of the most engaging General Hospital stars on Instagram. His almost daily posts feature himself alone in his own home, as well as, himself with friends and co-stars. Marcus and Maurice Benard spend a lot of time together at work and in their personal lives. Marcus enjoys sharing his life with fans in silly and sometimes serious matters.

General Hospital spoilers reveal GH star Marcus Coloma reached out to fans via Instagram. Coloma explained his recent absence from General Hospital in a video shared to his personal IG page. Fans questioned Nik’s new look, leading to Coloma’s announcement. He revealed the reason for this week’s Nikolas Cassadine recast, stating he had Covid one month prior. Due to the filming schedule, the episodes filmed a month ago are now being aired. 

General Hospital comings and goings news reports confirmed actor Adam Huss would temporarily play Nikolas Cassadine. GH spoilers from Marcus reveal he will be back on screen next week. He shared a video of himself dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s (featuring Rufus Wainwright), “The Loneliest Time.” under the video reads a caption stating, “So here’s the deal, thank you all for the
lovely love, I should be back on the screen next week ????????????❤️❤️❤️”

Co-stars Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Finola Hughes left comments for their friend. Take a look at Marcus Coloma’s post below!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Helps Kin Shriner Celebrate 45 Years

“This is how legends are made,” are the words of a a song used by General Hospital star, Marcus Coloma, in reference to the recent milestone accomplished by his fellow GH star, Kim Shriner.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal, Marcus Coloma (Nikolas Cassadine) has taken to social media to feature co-star, Kin Shriner’s (Scotty Baldwin), major milestone with ABC’s General Hospital.

In a recent Instagram video, Coloma honors his friend Kin on his 45th year in his role as Scotty Baldwin on GH.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Coloma showed his appreciation for Shriner during a day of celebration which include hitting some imaginary golf balls, fishing, bonding, and more. Marcus thanked Kin, stating, “Congrats on 45 years, Kin. You helped create one of the most successful shows of all time. ❤️“

Congratulations, Kim, on 45 years as Scotty Baldwin on ABC’s, General Hospital!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Mediates; Find Out Why Maurice Benard Isn’t Speaking To Marcus Coloma

Behind the scenes shenanigans is what General Hospital stars Maurice Benard and Marcus Coloma have been filling their time with.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Marcus and Maurice have added a co-star to their most recent form of extra curricular entertainment. The beautiful and talented General Hospital star, Kirsten Storms has joined these two clowns as a mediator for their fictional disagreement.

General Hospital spoilers reveal in a recent Instagram post, Maurice and Marcus shared a skit where Maurice isn’t talking to Marcus and Kirsten is there to find out why and try to help them become friends again. Maurice is over in the couch pouting while Marcus tells Kirsten he thinks Maurice is bothered by Marcus’s own looks.

Maurice, Marcus, and Kirsten -are hilarious in this quick IG skit, making their roles as Sonny Corinthos, Nikolas Cassadine, and Maxie Jones, seem so dark when compared to the lighthearted fun they’re having as they mess around behind the scenes.

The cliffhanger will leave you in suspense and coming back for more after watching this “To Be Continued…” skit.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Marcus Coloma Puts The Pieces Back Together In His Latest Video- Take A Look Inside

We love checking in on the real lives our favorite General Hospital stars when they aren’t playing their dramatic roles in Port Charles.

GH star, Marcus Coloma often shares parts of his life that take up his time when he’s not on set over at Prospect Studios.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Marcus Coloma’s social life has been involving co-star and friend, Maurice Benard. Maurice is best known for his role in the almost 60 year old daytime drama. Maurice, best known for his role as the iconic mobster, Sonny Corinthos. Although Marcus and Maurice spend a lot of time together outside of work, Marcus isn’t preoccupied with the likes of Ava Jerome (Maura West), Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl), Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), and all the drama that Port Charles brings.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal a recent video shared by Coloma via his Instagram page. The video shared is captioned, “Since the pandemic, we’ve become much closer❤️” It features Marcus himself, along with a couple of teddy bear plushies, as he is talking to them through a disagreement. Coloma’s post is meant to be lighthearted and heart warming, and obviously for entertainment purposes. He hugs each bear as they reach their resolution.

Based on his caption, Marcus makes light of feeling somewhat comforted by the simple things around his home, such as two teddy bears. Coloma’s fun loving video

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Speaks On 3 Important Goals And The Journey To Achieving Them

General Hospital star Marcus Coloma has a lot to say about life. Lately he’s been sharing some personal aspects of his own life, letting fans know more of who is really behind his character, Nikolas Cassadine.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Marcus has shared a video. Via Instagram, talking about his 3 important goals, along with insight on the journey to achieve them.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Coloma discusses the importance of exercise, and how it’s a pivotal point in changing your mind from depression and de-motivation, to feelings of accomplishment.

Take a look at Marcus’s IG post below!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Take A Look Inside Marcus Coloma’s Morning Routine!

How does one become a Prince? And not just any Prince, but a dark and mysterious Prince. A Fresh Prince? What gets General Hospital star, Marcus Coloma aka Nikolas Cassadine, ready to tackle his day as himself as well as his iconic role on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital spoilers reveal the answers! In a recent Instagram post, Coloma shared a video, highlighting the tasks he takes on in the morning in order to open the door for the possibilities life can bring.

General Hospital news reports reveal Marcus has a morning routine which sets the stage for his entire day. Starting off with a healthy breakfast smoothie, writing down daily goals, and taking care of himself from the inside out are all part of Marcus Coloma’s morning routine. What will you do to open the door to life’s many possibilities?!