General Hospital News: GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn Reveals Answer To Fans Regarding Significant Loss Of Followers Due To Politics

Nancy Lee Grahn, GH’s Alexis Davis, has never been quiet about her opinions, especially when it comes to politics. She has been known for her politically fueled tweets and IG posts for the last few years.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Nancy has turned to Twitter once again, this time to discuss the downfall she has endured due to her politically driven posts.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a recent tweet from Nancy that admits she has lost 120K followers. While stating that she is responding to fan’s questions about the significant loss in followers, Nancy proceeds to claim that she does regret posting those tweets and other social media posts which are filled with extremely opinionated comments regarding American politics. The actress says that her regret for her outspoken political posts is, “a hard no.” Take a look at her recent tweet below.

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