General Hospital News: Hayley Erin Shares Update On Growing Twins

General Hospital star Hayley Erin (ex-Kiki Jerome) left the daytime drama back in 2018. The role of Kiki Jerome was killed off instead of being recast.

Since her exit from General Hospital, Hayley Erin had gotten married to Adam Fergus, and gave birth to twin girls, Juno and Maude, born with different birthdates, Maude on August 9th and Juno on August 10th, this rare scenario makes Hayley’s birthing story very unique.

General Hospital news reports reveal Hayley has shared an updated photo of Juno and Maude from Dublin, Ireland. GH spoilers reveal Erin’s witty caption, “new shoes, who dis?” making note of the girls checkered shoes they are sporting in the photo, along with colorful, floral onesie jumpers.

At a little over six months old, Juno and Maude are difficult to tell apart! Can you tell who is who?

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