General Hospital News: Inside GH’s Nurses Ball 2020! Don’t Miss It!

The Nurses Ball of General Hospital has been a tradition in Port Charles since 1994. The event is to raise money in support of AIDS/HIV research while honoring the nursing profession and all the hard work and dedication nurses bring to the hospital and patients. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is the founder, organizer, and hostess of the big event every year, and every year Lucy doesn’t disappoint when it comes to bringing the excitement. After 2013, The Nurses Ball became an annual charity event.

Although the event typically occurs in May, due to the global pandemic, The Nurses Ball will air this week on General Hospital.

We look forward to seeing Lucy and all The Nurses Ball participants perform their many talents. And it wouldn’t be a classic, General Hospital Nurses Ball, without crazy, dramatic, and shocking, events!

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