General Hospital News: Jay Pickett, Former GH And Port Charles Star Dies At Age 60

It brings much sadness to announce this General Hospital news regarding the death of a former Port Charles and General Hospital star.

Port Charles was an ABC Network’s spinoff of the 1963 Daytime drama, General Hospital. Port Charles began in June or 1997, and had a six year run, ending in October of 2003.

General Hospital news reports confirm Jay Pickett, who played Frank Scanlon on PC has passed away at the age of 60. He is survived by his wife, Elena, daughters Maegan and Michaela, and son, Tyler.

Picketts TV big brother, Joe Scanlon, and real life friend, Michael Dietz, took to Facebook to give his condolences and reminisce on his friendship with Pickett, which began on the set of Port Charles. Dietz writes, “My greatest friend has sadly left this world,” he continued, “We met when we were cast as brothers on PORT CHARLES many, many years ago. He played my big brother on TV but that carried over into real life and an amazing friendship that was one of a kind. He was an incredible husband, father, friend, and godfather to my daughter. Everyone that knew him loved him. I love you, Jay. Keep smiling my friend. All my love to his family, who truly became our family as well. You will be forever missed.”

General Hospital spoilers and news reveal Jay Pickett also stepped on for Ted King in the role of Lorenzo Alcazar on GH.

General Hospital Blog gives our condolences to Jay and his family and loved ones during this time. Our thought and prayers are with his family.

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