General Hospital News: John J. York’s First Appearance Since Cancer Treatment

John J York’s first appearance since cancer treatment
John J York’s first appearance since cancer treatment

Mac Scorpio could hush the loudest of critics with his simple presence. As it turns out, his portrayer, John J. York has the same superpower. Despite all the shade that’s often thrown at characters, actors, writers, etc., York and Scorpio remain among the fan favorites. Truthfully, I’ve yet to hear or read a negative comment from GH fans about Mac or the man who plays him, John J. York.

Back in September, York announced that he was going on hiatus from ABC’s General Hospital. Since then he’s revealed his health diagnosis, and an explanation for his hiatus. Sadly, John J. York’s health diagnosis and treatment required him to take a step back from his role as Mac Scorpio on General Hospital. Fast forward about six months, with some updates in between (see article below), GH news reports confirm that York is ready for his first public appearance.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that York reached out to fans via X (formerly known as Twitter), to make a special announcement. Reportedly, John J. York revealed that he’s making his first public appearance since his cancer treatment. The post informs GH fans of an upcoming event. York and his costar leading lady Kristina Wagner reunite for a GH Fan event via zoom. The event takes place on July 14th, and instructions to purchase tickets can be found in York’s X post below.


We surely hope that this means that the beloved General Hospital Vet’s recovery is heading in the right direction. we continue to keep John J. York in our thoughts and prayers, and we cannot wait to see Mac on screen again!