General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco Addresses Most Recent Pregnancy Rumors

General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco who plays the feisty, head strong, bad-ass, Sam Morgan, can’t catch a break when it comes to fans reacting to her every small change in appearance. More times than we can count, Kelly Monaco has been rumored to be pregnant. Currently, fans have created this General Hospital rumor, claiming Kelly Monaco is pregnant yet again.

General Hospital news reveals Kelly tells a fan what has been going on. In a reply to a fan who asks Kelly to address pregnancy rumors, Kelly explains she has had hip and spinal procedures which prohibited Kelly from doing any type of real workout for the last 7 months.

Kelly has been known for her naturally small frame, along with her motivation and hard work when it comes to working out. Kelly admits to letting her body heal after those procedures, stating “Health over everything.”

Can everyone just leave Kelly alone now?

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