General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Shares Footage, Loses Home In Tragic Fire

Yesterday, General Hospital Blog reported that General Hospital star Kelly Monaco’s house caught fire. Today, the actress has taken to media with updates on this recent tragedy.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Monaco has announced that her home has burned down after someone flicked a lit cigarette on her property nearby.

General Hospital spoilers and updates share photos of the disaster as firefighters work tirelessly to put out the blaze. Unfortunately, most of Monaco’s home was destroyed in the fire, leading her to reveal that she will not be able to return to her home for quite some time.

In a video taken by Kelly, she can be heard saying, “This is how it started. Isn’t this crazy?”

General Hospital News And Spoilers: BREAKING! Kelly Monaco’s House Catches Fire From Lit Cigarette

ABC’s General Hospital is full of intense drama. Summer is approaching and things are about to heat up.

General Hospital news reports reveal, just yesterday, Executive Producer, Frank Valentini tweeted that Kelly Monaco “is on fire today,” referring to her performance as Sam McCall. However recent GH news and spoilers report a very real fire at the daytime star’s home.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Twitter is busy with fans discussing a recent incident involving a lit cigarette on Monaco’s lawn. It has been rumored that a man threw a lit cigarette on Kelly’s lawn with ignited a fire at her home.

General Hospital fans took to Twitter to announce that Kelly is okay, but her house is not.

General Hospital news and rumors indicate the two time Daytime Emmy nominated actress is doing well, although GH spoilers indicate her house has been burned down. General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any developing or differing information regarding Kelly Monaco‘a house fire.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Claps Back At Online Haters!

Fresh of the heels of Laura Wright’s announcement regarding taking a break from social media, this latest General Hospital news story involves hate filled social media incident. Online haters have no filter when it comes to the things they spew out at the expense of those who put themselves out there in the spotlight.

Previously, General Hospital news reports confirmed that GH leading lady, Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), announced she is taking a break from social media due to the incessant online hate she receives from so-called General Hospital fans.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal “fans” are at it again, using Twitter as a way to be hateful towards the very people they claim to be fans of, and whom they watch almost daily on TV.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed Kelly Monaco’s statement, clapping back at the haters who personally attacked the actress’s fashion on the show.

A Twitter user tweeted to the official GH Twitter page, along with Sam Morgan’s portrayer, Kelly Monaco, to express their dislike for what “Sam” has been wearing. The Twitter user brings attention to Sam’s skirt and “skimpy top,” at the Metro Court pool. Kelly Monaco didn’t hesitate to jump in and defend herself, her character, and women as a whole, against the judgmental hater who decided to tear down another woman.

The users unfiltered and hateful tweet, along with Monaco’s defensive response can be views below.

It’s disappointing to know that at this stage in our society, we still have those people who will not hold back when it comes to negatively judging others, and continue to put others down. It’s time we rise above and support one another as opposed to tearing others down.


General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco On Twitter: Reacts To HUGE GH Milestone, Thanks Fans

Kelly Monaco doesn’t post much on social media, the portrayer of Sam Morgan likes to kee things in the down low when referring to her private life, and we don’t blame her. Everyone loves when Kelly speaks out on social media, and today she gave GH fans a reason to celebrate.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal General Hospital is approaching a very monumental milestone. Although it’s true the Daytime Drama is about to turn 58 on April 1st, this milestone is yet another of proven longevity. Kelly tweeted that the show is about to reach its 2,000th episode, and then shortly Gompers it up with a correction, informing fans that it will actually be GH’s 3,000th episode!

Kelly is proud of her job, her co-stars, and thankful for the fans!

General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco Thanks Fans In Heartfelt Tweet

Kelly Monaco originated the role of Samantha McCall back in October of 2003. The feisty, badass, con artist, fighter, has come along way from her days of conning and scheming. She has found a place and made a life with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), and their families. Sam eventually discovered Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was her mother, and down the road it was learned that Julian Jerome (William DeVry) is her father. Sam and Jason have built a life together with their close friends, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his wife Carly (Laura Wright).

Kelly Monaco’s talent is extremely versatile as she is able to express her emotions and play many different facets of Sam. Before General Hospital, Monaco was already a part of the ABC Network and GH clan as she played Livvie Locke on the GH spin-off, Port Charles, where she played alongside co-star Michael Easton (Caleb Morley PC, Hamilton Finn GH).

Kelly recently took a temporary break from General Hospital as the show resumed filming after the Covid-19 pandemic hiatus. Kelly is now back on screen and fans have welcomed her back with open arms.

Kelly Monaco took to social media to express her gratitude for the supportive fans. Monaco says “Thank You” to the fans for the love and support the past couple of weeks and expresses her love for what she does while being with ABC Network for 20+ years.

Kelly Monaco has always been a personal favorite of mine. From the moment she debuted as Sam McCall, I was hooked. Her beauty and talent speak for itself and we as fans are extremely grateful to have her as such an important component to our favorite show. ❤️

General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco Addresses Most Recent Pregnancy Rumors

General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco who plays the feisty, head strong, bad-ass, Sam Morgan, can’t catch a break when it comes to fans reacting to her every small change in appearance. More times than we can count, Kelly Monaco has been rumored to be pregnant. Currently, fans have created this General Hospital rumor, claiming Kelly Monaco is pregnant yet again.

General Hospital news reveals Kelly tells a fan what has been going on. In a reply to a fan who asks Kelly to address pregnancy rumors, Kelly explains she has had hip and spinal procedures which prohibited Kelly from doing any type of real workout for the last 7 months.

Kelly has been known for her naturally small frame, along with her motivation and hard work when it comes to working out. Kelly admits to letting her body heal after those procedures, stating “Health over everything.”

Can everyone just leave Kelly alone now?

General Hospital News: Billy Miller Update!

Billy Miller was welcomed by General Hospital fans with open arms when he stepped into the iconic role as GH’s iconic enforcer, Jason Morgan. Billy had some big shoes to fill and was able to win the hearts of some of the most loyal Jason and Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) fans.

Billy Miller does not have any person social media accounts on the popular platforms, but good friend and former co-star, Kelly Monaco sometimes keeps fans up to date on how Billy is doing.

General Hospital rumors have speculated a return for Miller in the role of Drew Cain. GH fans can’t wait to see if Leisl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) proves her innocence by bringing Drew home to Port Charles.

Everyone is going through a tough time right now as out lives sit idle during quarantine. Miller’s manager, Marnie Sparer has tweeted a pic and an update on Billy Miller, General Hospital’s, Drew Cain.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Declares Friendship Love for Co-Star Kelly Monaco

Have you ever watched your favorite tv show, movie, or other similar-type production and thought to yourself that it would be so fun on set and behind the scenes? I know that I have definitely daydreamed about what it would be like to play on a show. Not only because and have that second “work family” that so many cherish.

Personally, I’ve observed that work environments can either make or break the entire vibe. Not only the company dynamic but the feoenlsihews and

can either make or break an experience while working for a particular company/employer. It seems only natural that friendships are born and developed while working in close quarters. Even still, the mere presence of together with those having similar . working together for such a long period of time would lead to the development of a truly real friendship. That is exactly the case with General Hospital beauties Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan). The two petite starlets have been friends for quite a long time. True friendship, which includes Kelly Monaco thanking Kirsten’s mom for making her a hand crocheted scarf. These two ladies are inseparable and last night, Kirsten tweeted a photo of herself with bestie, Kelly Monaco.
Check out Kirsten’s description in her tweet.
Love these two! Check out Genie Francis in the background! Photobomb!

My ride or die. She knows me like no other friend does. I love you href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/daytimeemmys?src=hash”>#daytimeemmys… https://t.co/8MJoxPAzcL

— KirstenStormsBarash (@teenystweeting) April 27, 2015

Val Chmerkovskiy from DWTS to General Hospital!

Today two General Hospital actresses (Kelly Monaco and Nancy Lee Grahn), and Val himself tweeted about the professional dancer being on set of General Hospital, and not just as a bystander! Check it out!

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/kellymonaco1/status/266288733043699712″]

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