General Hospital News: Laura Wright Reveals Her Hope For Jason And Carly’s Future

As they say, no one ever stays happy on a soap opera, especially when it comes to love. Even the most iconic couples tend to come to tragic endings.

Laura Wright has worked alongside General Hospital’s leading man for over two decades. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his great love, Carly Corinthos, have become an iconic TV couple, ranking as one of the most loved, memorable, and popular couples in the genre.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal GH’s leading lady, Laura Wright has weighed in on her current story like situation surrounding Sonny’s return, and her rekindled feelings for her. Eat friend, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

In a recent Fantasy Events Zoom event, Laura Wright and TV daughter, Eden McCoy (Josslyn Jacks), took time to speak to GH fans who joined the Zoom, engaging in discussions.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Laura weighed in on what’s to come for Carly and Jason. When asked by a fan if Jason and Carly would ever get back together, Wright replied, “You can always cross your fingers — and your toes,” Wright responded. “Yes, of course you can.” Whether or not Jason and Carly are ever romantic, their relationship is rock solid. “They have (Jason and Carly) a built-in relationship that’s always going to be there and I’m sure [on some level] will always be teased.”

Hi According to Soaphub, Laura also acknowledges the wide range of fan reactions regarding Carly and Jason rekindling their feelings. She mentions knowing that die hard CarSon fans are dead set against a Jarly pairing.

General Hospital rumors hint there will be a struggle with feelings as Carly is torn between her love for Sonny as well as her love for Jason.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura has strong feelings regarding the possibility of Carly and Jason becoming an item, as explains Steve’s involvement as Jason. She reveals, “Steve was amazing,” Wright says. “In my mind, Jason finally came over and was going to commit to one person. It was probably the person he should have committed to anyway because he always puts her first!”

Are you a die hard CarSon fan, or are you looking forward to Jason and Carly finally becoming more than best friends forever?

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