General Hospital News: Nicholas Alexander Chavez Appears On “The Talk,” Wins ‘Favorite Newcomer’ Award

It’s not easy to step into a role after another actor has made it their own. Sometimes there are very big shoes to fill, full of personality and charisma. Luckily for Nicholas Alexander Chavez, he was up for the challenge.

Nicholas Alexander Chavez took over the role of Spencer Cassadine, when the storyline called for a much older Spencer. General Hospital news reports had confirmed that Nicolas Bechtel was exiting the daytime drama, handing the role over to Chavez.

General Hospital news reports bring awareness to what’s going on in the soap world as other media outlets discuss the happenings of daytime dramas. Recently, Nicholas Alexander Chavez was a guest on the daytime talk show, The Talk, where it was revealed he had won an award by SoapHub, for his work on GH as Spencer Cassadine. Chavez received the ‘Favorite Newcomer Award’ for his performance. Chavez joined the cast of GH this past Summer, joining the teen scene in Port Charles.

We are absolutely loving Chavez’s portrayal of Spencer Cassadine. He plays the role just as intended while creating his own take on a grown-up, mischievous heir. The bar was set high when taking over for Bechtel as Chavez rose to the challenge. We ❤️ watching his portrayal of Spencer!

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