General Hospital News: Steve Burton Responds To Fans Threatening To Boycott GH

It’s difficult to hold back our opinions these days, especially where social media is involved. Most people are more inclined to speak their minds and let their feelings out when behind a keyboard. That being said, General Hospital news reports reveal GH fans have been threatening to boycott the soap opera after Steve Burton was let go after noncompliance with the recent mandate.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that GH star Steve Burton has let fans know that he is not angry about the current situation and that the fans should not be angry for him. He revealed, “I’m not angry so you don’t have to be angry for me.” Burton explained to his fans. “I don’t have any anger. I’m not upset. I’m at peace with my decision. I’m at peace with moving forward with my life and I appreciate all of your support.”

In addition to Burton’s comments regarding a GH boycott, co-star and friend, Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), added, “We don’t want General Hospital to go away.”

We are right there with you guys! We don’t want GH to go away either! Please continue to support the show and place and people Steve Burton calls home. 🏡 💕

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