General Hospital News: Steve Burton Shares Selfie, Thanking Fans For Birthday Wishes

Today, General Hospital icon, Steve Burton, has something to celebrate. The GH star has stolen the hearts of his daytime drama fans back in 1991. For 3 full decades, Burton has given his talents to his fans as he portrays Jason Quartermaine, along with his latter identity, Jason Morgan.

General Hospital news reports confirm Steve is celebrating his 51st birthday. Soap Opera, and specifically GH news outlets have spread the word, wishing Burton a very happy birthday.

In recent Instagram post, Burton shared a selfie, and the caption thanks those who have taken the time to wish him a happy birthday. His selfie shows the benefits of healthy working and eating habits, along with the use of his own product, Burton Nutrition.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a must see photo of Burton. At age 51, he’s in the best shape of his life!

General Hospital Blog would like to wish Steve a very happy birthday, along with thanking him for all he has devoted to his fans. His loyalty to General Hospital, along with his talent, charisma, and over all good hearted personality, has warmed so many of our hearts and gotten us through some very tough times in our personal lives.

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