General Hospital News: Tamara Braun Reveals the TRUTH Behind Kim’s Exit- The Moment She Knew

General Hospital fans are saying goodbye to a long time General Hospital actress, Tamara Braun. Braun originally started her journey with General Hospital when she arrived in Port Charles as the emotionally broken Carly Benson. Tamara took in the role after the departure of Sarah Joy Brown who originated the role.

Recently, in an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Tamara Braun revealed the moment she knew her character Dr. Kim Nero was being written off the show. When Braun was asked about her thoughts regarding the story line involving Dr. Kim Nero drugging her ex, Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to make a baby, in a blunt and honest statement, Braun said, “Yeah, actually that was the first time that I was like, ‘Oh, they’re going to write me off.'” Tamara Braun disclosed she confided in fellow friend and co-star, William DeVry (Julian Jerome), addressing her hunch which inevitably became the end result.

The long time General Hospital actress disclosed the news of being let go came of a shock. She explained that just weeks before she was notified she was being let go and Kim was exiting Port Charles, Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, approached Braun and told her she is about to be part of a big story. She said, “Well, I was a little surprised, because weeks before, Frank told me that I had a really big story coming up that he was really excited about.” Evidently, those plans fell through as the story took a turn in a direction Braun didn’t see coming.

They’ve left the door open for Kim Nero to return. Hopefully some day the character can be written in a way that could bring her back from rock bottom.

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