General Hospital News: Uncertain Days Ahead For Cast And Crew Of GH

The production of new episode of General Hospital has been put on hold since mid March due to the threat of the global pandemic, Covid-19. The cast and crew of ABC’s GH has been on hiatus for over a month, and it remains uncertain as to when everyone will be able to head back to work and jump back into production.

General Hospital news and spoilers report the cast and crew of General Hospital is still on hiatus, and are following social distancing orders, which includes the halt of production at Prospect Studios in California. Quarantine is still in effect for most parts of USA and it remains uncertain when our personal as well as work lives get back to normal.

General Hospital spoilers show GH’s Ingo Rademacher who plays Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks reaching out to his fellow co-stars and friends during this time of quarantine, expressing how he is missing his GH family.

The Executives over at ABC and GH have spread out the airing of new episodes by incorporating flashbacks within new episodes, along with airing repeat flashback episodes every Friday while still in quarantine.

We look forward to the day the order to isolate is lifted and we can all return to our families, friends, routine, work life, and entertainment outlets. Until then we are all in this together and continue to support one another throughout and beyond this difficult time.

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