General Hospital News: Wes Ramsey Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

General Hospital star, Wes Ramsey, definitely knows how to get fans to love-to-hate a character. Ramsey plays the ultra villain, Peter August, who many fans believe is well past his expiration date.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Peter is not going anywhere, despite his character’s story coming to a peak and what fans think would be an inevitable end.

However, General Hospital news reports have stated Ramsey isn’t leaving the show any time soon.

It’s no secret that for the last 4 years, Wes Ramsey and GH’s leading lady, Laura Wright have been romantically involved. Both Ramsey and Wright post photos together across their social media platforms.

General Hospital news reports Ramsey gushed about his love with Laura on the 4 year anniversary of the sat they met. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Ramsey reflects on that day of destiny, when he and Laura ran into one another at a party. 4 years have past and the rest is history.

Respectfully, Laura Wright shared her 4 year anniversary spent with Wes on her one personal IG as well. Take a look at Laura’s post, below.

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