General Hospital Spoiler CONFIRMED! There are THREE Lukes!

Our suspicions were correct. After the reveal of Faison wearing Luke’s mask, many General Hospital rumors started circulating, one being that there were actually three, yes count them, three Luke Spencer’s. Well technicall, two fake Lukes, and one real deal. We all know there is only one Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, but no one every suspected that Fluke would have a sidekick.

Did we really think it would be so easy for Alexis to go into Miscavige and rescue Luke no questions asked? There were no obstacles, no one standing in her way. And since Luke (the real one) had been so heavily drugged, it was definitely a little odd when he seemed to have all his faculties. Fluke is doing a a better job this time around, playing the doting father and grandfather, playing into Tracy’s vulernability and guilt, and even calling Anna, “Slim.” He hadn’t however, called Lulu, “cupcake,” and that might be one nickname that only the real Luke would think of using for his daughter he loves so dearly.

So who has actually been pretending to be Luke Spencer? Is Helena involved? The  mystery of Fluke’s true identity continues to weigh on our minds. Who do you think is behind it all?