Sam and Patrick: The Fallout

Anyone who has seen Thursday’s episode of General Hospital could agree that the scenes with Anders Hove (Cesar Faison), Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake), and Kelly Monaco (Samantha Morgan), were nothing short of intense. Others will describe the scenes as extremely emotional. Kelly Monaco killed it with her passion and obvious fury for Faison.

When Sam confronted Faison regarding Jason’s murder, it was easy to feel her raw emotion. Jason Thompson did any amazing job with just the look on his face. That look showed sorrow, guilt, fear, and shame all in those two eyes of his. Patrick looked as though he had lost his best friend and it was all his fault.

What will happen when Sam finds out straight from Patrick that he has known about Jason being alive for all this time? Granted, Patrick believes now that Jason is dead, because that is what his wife Robin, had to tell him in order to protect her family. Sam is going to have a ray of hope ripped right from under her after she learns that Jason didn’t die on that pier, but that he is now believed to be dead anyways.

Will Sam be able to forgive Patrick from hiding this enormous secret about her husband? After this fall out, is there any hope to save their friendship? Let us know what you think by commenting below.