General Hospital Spoiler: Sonny Gets What’s Coming to Him

Which side of the fence are you on? Do you still have a soft spot for mob boss Sonny Corinthos, or do you think that it’s been a long time coming for Sonny to finally pay for his crimes?

Sonny is finally facing his demons and comes face to face with the harsh reality of being behind bars. With newcomer, new villain, “Heavy” out to stick it to Sonny, there is no telling how he will handle what’s about to happen to him. We all know Sonny’s mental health has been a barrier for him in the past when it comes to those tiny holding cells… will Sonny finally go off the deep end?

Crispin Alapag plays one good rough, tough, inmate, and “Heavy” isn’t going to go easy on Sonny Corinthos. As the enforcer of the Mexican cartel within Pentonville, “Heavy” is about as real as they come. Will Sonny be able to stand up to his new peers in prison and hold his own, or will he face a psychotic break?

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