General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis is Gravely Ill; Kendra is Exposed But It May Be Too Late

As previously reported (Kendra’s Jig is Up), General Hospital spoilers tell of the upcoming unraveling of Kendra’s scheme to get revenge on Alexis. As TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) has a light bulb go off in his head regarding what could be making Alexis so ill that she is on her death bed, he shares his idea with Dr. Finn (Michael Easton). TJ suggests that Alexis has been ingesting rat poison, so Dr. Finn gets to work and does more research to ultimately confirm TJ’s suggestion.

Finn warns Alexis that she couldn’t possibly be ingesting rat poison accidentally. Alexis will come up with a list of possible enemy suspects who would want her dead. Alexis is thrown off by Kendra Lennon (Michelle Argyris) as she recalls having her first batch of supplement looked over by her doctor and it was fine.

Neil Byrne(Joe Flanigan) is trying to get to the bottom of this. General Hospital spoilers hint that he will get close to figuring out who wants Alexis dead but at first he will point the finger at the wrong individual.

Alexis is on the mend and Kendra is boiling mad that her plan to avenge her brother, Kristina’s (Lexi Ainsowrth) ex-boyfriend, Keifer Bauer (Christian Alexander), has failed. General Hospital rumors claim Kendra will stop at nothing to take Alexis down, even if it means taking her out the same way Alexis killed Kiefer that fateful night.

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