General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Goes to Trial for the Murder of Shiloh Archer

We are getting ready to head into a brand new week of excitement and drama. General Hospital spoilers reveal early this week, Sam’s fate will be decided as she heads to trial for the murder of Shiloh Archer. Jason is running out of patience knowing Sam has been wrongfully accused of murder and has been sitting in Pentonville.

Diane Miller will be representing Samantha Morgan. She is the best of the best in Port Charles, but when Jason Morgan has to take the stand, things may do more harm than good. He is put on the stand to relive that night by telling the courtroom everything that led up to Sam having to shoot Shiloh to save his Jason’s life.

Sam also has a key witness against her. A nurse involved in the Dawn of the Day cult overheard Sam stating she wants Shiloh dead for his involvement with her sister, Kristina, Willow, and the other women that were harmed by Shiloh.

What will be Sam’s fate? Do Diane and Jason have what it takes to help set Sam free?

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