General Hospital Spoilers: Are Their Days At GH Numbered? Legal Woes Plague Finn and Elizabeth- This Time Elizabeth’s In The Hot Seat

Esme blackmails Elizabeth and threatens her job
Esme blackmails Elizabeth and threatens her job

One doesn’t simply kidnap a washed up, and and pregnant amnesiac and get away with it completely. Not even in Port Charles. Threats, bribes, and blackmail contribute to the list of paths that are typically taken in situations such as these.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) memories caught her off guard and now she can’t turn them off. Now that she’s had the taste of the American dream, Esme wants nothing to do with the misguided young woman she once was. As far as the new and improved Esme is concerned, Heather Webber and Ryan Chamberlain’s daughter is long gone. Well, Esme wants her old self buried so deep that no one can dig her out.

Esme Blackmails Elizabeth and Threatens Her Job

According to GH rumors, Esme wants to live an honest life. That’s where her memories of Elizabeth come in. Suddenly, Esme remembers what happened quite clearly. She even recalls Nikolas Cassadine’s role in the whole situation. That said, if Elizabeth were exposed it would end her career as Head Nurse as quickly as it began. In fact, odds are that she’d be fired entirely.

Don’t forget about Dr. Finn’s (Michael Easton) legal battle with his place of employment. He’s currently under investigation for a malpractice suit. Elizabeth has stood by his side during these uncertain times. Are both Elizabeth and Finn at risk of losing their positions at the hospital?