General Hospital Spoilers: Austin Gets Denied By Jason

Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) just wants to be treated like family. The Quartermaine family is a tight knit group despite the lying, scheming, and bickering that goes on in Monica’s (Leslie Charleson) house.

Austin has been trying hard to get into the Quartermaine’s good graces, and there’s one person in particular who he hasn’t really gotten to know.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Austin approached Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) while at the gym, only to be shot down and dismissed.

In recent General Hospital previews, Austin initiates a conversation with Jason while he’s working out. Jason is upfront and blunt when he tells Austin, “Whatever you want from me, you’re not getting it.” If all Austin wants is a place in the Quartermaine family, winning over Jason would be key. But that’s going to be extremely difficult since Jason doesn’t really cave to anyone.

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