General Hospital Spoilers: Britt Shows A Softer Side Amidst Her Recent Misfortune, Is Her Luck About To Change?

Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) is looking for love but has been striking out. Ever since she lost the man she could see her potentially short future with, Britt has been down and discouraged by the games of life and love.

Britt’s string of bad luck seems to be the way the universe is leading her to Mr. Right. Britt put her pride and fears aside and went ahead and joined a dating service, just to get stood up. Her hope for finding love at the Society Setups event may have been crushed just as she was almost crushed when Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) dropped from the sky and into the Metro Court pool.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Spinelli has a lot more to do with Society Setups than his friends know. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) has been trying to figure out what her buddy has been hiding, but nothing seems to add up.

General Hospital rumors claim Spinelli is working with Zelda Telescope (Kristin Carey) and could possibly be the face behind the organization. Spinelli and Zelda have a secret partnership which was likely formed due to their personal interest in Society Setups.

GH previews indicate that Britt seems to be tending to some one in need. She says, “what did you do to deserve this?”

General Hospital rumors hint that maybe Spinelli was the one who matched with Britt. It’s possible he was the one who stood her up after matching with her. Other GH rumors point to a life connection between Cody and Britt. They may have started off on the wrong foot but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t sparks.

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