General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn And Chase Heat Things Up… Just To Burn Right Out

Brook Lynn and Chase

Brook Lynn and Chase heat up! The chemistry between Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) is about to reach a boiling point. They can’t deny the tension that’s been brewing up like baking soda and vinegar.

Brook Lynn and Chase have graduated from the beginning stages of argumentative banter. They went through many stages of their courtship to end up where they are today. The former singer and ex-cop went from public spats and petty arrests to playing mom and dad to Bailey Louise. Chase overcame inability to walk, and was ready to take on life.

GH fans watched their relationship develop and love bloom despite their different outlooks on life. General Hospital spoilers reveal Brook Lynn has the best of intentions for Chase and [her] dream of pop stardom. After a long road of trying to prove to Chase he has what it takes, Brook Lynn lands a job his manager.

Chase and Brook Lynn slowly fell in love and neither of them were ready to admit their feelings. GH fans expressed their frustration with how slowly the romance was developing. This week, Brook Lynn and Chase heat up, and finally hit the sheets after their first kiss last Winter.

GH previews indicate the love birds hit the town for a fun filled date night, later to end the night by taking things to the next level. The wait is over and the highly anticipated steamy scenes are headed our way. Chase and Brook Lynn make love after a night out, however, neither of them have been completely honest with each other. 

Will their romance die soon after it comes alive?

Brook Lynn’s sneaky move could cost her the man she loves. She isn’t known for her honesty, so trading lightly would have been her best bet. Instead she is already playing with fire. But Brook Lynn isn’t there only one keeping a secret. Chase desperately wants to be an officer again and is keeping his feelings to himself. Brook Lynn so badly wants him to pursue a singing career while he wants a simple life as a cop for the PCPD. 

These two finally take things to the next level but how can things between them last if they are both lying? Will these two burn out after finally heating things up? 

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