General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Finds Out About Joss And Dex- Loses All Trust In Joss

Cameron finds Joss and Dex together

Cameron finds Joss and Dex together! Cameron Webber (WillIam Lipton) never had a reason not to trust Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). They have always been there for each other throughout their childhood and relationship. Recently, Joss broke the news to Cam that her feelings for him have changed and that they’ve grown apart. Although devastated by Josslyn’s change of heart, Cameron still felt the trust between them.

General Hospital rumors hint Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) words may mean more than Cameron thought. General Hospital recaps recall Cameron found out about Joss’s family crisis and immediately went to check on her. What he finds out next will make Cam lose any trust he had left in Joss.

General Hospital previews reveal Cameron comes face to face with Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) when he arrives at Josslyn’s door. Consequently, Cameron finds Joss and Dex together in a compromising situation! General Hospital spoilers tease Cameron questions Joss about their breakup.

Will Cameron lose all trust in Josslyn? Cam begins to think Spencer was right all along. Just as Spencer warned, growing apart isn’t the whole story. However, Cam didn’t want to listen to his friend, but, he now sees for himself.

General Hospital rumors claim Joss made a big mistake and Dex is only going to break her heart. After finding her with Dex, it’s unlikely she’ll be crawling back into Cam’s arms if and when Dex’s secrets are revealed.