General Hospital Spoilers: Can You Guess This GH Star At Age 8?!

Who is behind the emoji?! Often times an actor will start out their acting career on a soap opera as children, growing up on set, and remaining in the role into adulthood.

It’s true that many child star roles end up getting the old SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Age Syndrome), aging them so far ahead that the producers of said soap then hire a recast who would better fit an older part.

General Hospital spoilers reveals a childhood photo of one of Port Charles’s key players who joined the cast of General Hospital as a young adult.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal the face behind the emoji is none of their than Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who took over the role of Spencer Cassadine after predecessor Nicolas Bechtel. Just like many others, the role of Spencer Cassadine was SORASed, enabling a new, fresh face ti enter the scene.

In a recent Instagram post, Chavez shared a photo of himself sent by his mother. In a hilarious caption under the photo of 8 year old Nicholas, he mentions his impressive, 8-year-old-boy “guns.” Chavez writes, “My mom sent me this picture from when I was 8. Just want you to know that I’ve always been jacked… who wants two tickets to the gun show? 🎟 🎟 💪🏻💛 😂 “

Can you recognize GH‘s Nicholas Alexander Chavez in this childhood photo?

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