General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Begins To Run Crimson, Gives Nina A Bit Of Advice

Carly and Nina discuss Crimson
Carly and Nina discuss Crimson

Nina Reeves and Carly Corinthos’s ongoing feud over family is in full swing. Are either women really capable of simply calling it even?

General Hospital recaps highlight the events between Nina and Carly that leads to all of this. It seems to have all started when Nina blamed Carly for not divulging about Nelle. But the reality is that Carly didn’t know that Nelle was Nina’s daughter until it was too late. Mind you, Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) was a psycho killer who was beyond redemption. She terrorized Carly and her family, and then tragically died while trying to kidnap her own baby. Then, Nina stumbled upon a lost and confused Sonny Corinthos, used him and his situation to her advantage, and kept an entire family and city believing that he was dead. Hmm 🤔 Something doesn’t seem right with this lol.

Carly Corinthos and Nina Reeves feud Crimson

As if that wasn’t enough, Nina manipulated a man with amnesia, stole him from his wife Carly, and then she even stole her career. Once again, something’s off 🤨. Fast forward and General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina isn’t done fighting. After Carly kept Harmony’s secret about Willow, and after Nina rattled to the SEC, they’re done so far yet are back at square one.

Carly and Nina Discuss Crimson

General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate that Carly takes her first shot at running a magazine.