General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Awaits His Fate, Brook Lynn Called In A Favor- Her Last Stunt Makes Or Breaks Their Second Chance

Brook Lynn’s last stunt Chase and Brook Lynn

Brook Lynn’s last stunt! Brook Lynn gets Chase’s job back! Brook Lynn has inadvertently screwed over Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) one too many times. That’s why, after Chase’s life kept getting disrupted by BLQ’s (Amanda Setton) choices, he finally had enough.

GH Recap: For Chase, finding out that he ultimately lost his job because of BLQ’s selfishness was enough to call it quits as her boyfriend. It didn’t matter how much he truly cared for her. Or how she brightened up his days when she walked through the Quartermaine mansion doors. Chase was convinced he’s better off without her.

According to General Hospital previews, Chase awaits his fate. Today, Harrison Chase learns if he has a future as a Police Officer. The PCPD held a board meeting discuss Detective Chase’s character. To his pleasant surprise, BLQ really knocked it out of the park with her testimonials. In addition, Blaze, aka Allison Rogers (Jacqueline Grace Lopez), had some encouraging words for the board as well.

More over, BLQ is full of surprises. Recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Brook Lynn’s last stunt could either make or break their second chance at love. In recent previews, Brook Lynn confides in Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). She tells her old friend that she called in a favor. According to GH rumors, her favor most likely has to do with Chase. If he finds out he got his job back through strings Brook Lynn pulled and not his own merit, will he be done with BLQ for good?!