General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Tune Changes, Can Brook Lynn Accept Things As They Are?

Chase thanks Brook Lynn

Harrison Chase thanks Brook Lynn. After all she’s done to bring Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) down, it’s hard to believe that Chase is about to show his gratitude to Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). Although she didn’t do these things to intentionally hurt Chase, his life still took some unwanted turns. For what could Chase be thankful to Brook Lynn?

GH recaps: Currently, Chase is stripped of his title as Detective. He was suspended multiple times prior to his release from the force. However, he didn’t turn from good cop to nuisance all in his own. Brook Lynn Quartermaine had an hand in Chase’s unfortunate encounters. According to recent General Hospital previews and spoilers, Chase is about to face his fate for the future. After months of back and forth, the PCPD Board has reached a decision. GH previews indicate that BLQ makes an appearance at the big meeting.

If things go in Chase’s favor, he’ll be reinstated as an Officer at the PCPD. In recent GH spoilers and previews, Chase is surprised to see Brook Lynn enter the room. She hopes to help convince the board that Chase is a dedicated Detective who deserves a chance. According to recent GH rumors, BLQ implicates herself when she reveals her involvement in Chase’s suspension. Ultimately, things must go Chase’s way because GH spoilers reveal that Chase thanks Brook Lynn. But will she accept things for the way they are? Can she trust that Chase sincerely forgives her so they can give love another chance?