General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Turns To Sasha After Breakup With Brook Lynn

Chase and Brook Lynn breakup Sasha

Chase and Brook Lynn breakup! Are they over for good? Chase (Josh Swickard) had a pretty good idea what he signed up for when he and Brook Lynn acted on their feelings.

Just as diamonds begin as coal, Chase and Brook Lynn needed time to shine. Chase’s by-the-book nature and Brook Lynn’s knack for breaking all the rules seemed like a recipe for disaster. The cop and the Quartermaine would have never guessed they’d end up together. Although Chase and Brook Lynn have polarizing personalities, the age old idiom, opposites attract, began to ring true.

General Hospital recaps recall Chase’s reluctancy to admit his feelings for the music maven due to her sketchy track record. She was known for lying and scheming, and ironically, her biggest schemer to date is what won Chase over. Brook Lynn and Maxie’s plan to keep Peter August (Wes Ramsey) away from Maxie’s baby decided all of Port Charles. Maxie bravely gave baby Louise (now Bailey Lou) up to Brook Lynn to pass off as her own. When the truth came crashing down, the two women were praised for their acts of bravery and selflessness.

While living at the Quartermaine’s, Chase spent a lot of quality time with Brook Lynn and Bailey. Their bonds grew between them and that’s when they both started to realize they had feelings for each other.

Chase is done with Brook Lynn’s lies

General Hospital spoilers indicate Chase and Brook Lynn breakup over her lies and selfish motives. Chase is feeling a wave of regret for diving into a relationship with someone he knew was a known liar. Brook Lynn argues her motives were driven by love. She purposely sabotaged his chances to be reinstated as an officer because she wanted of her vision for Chase’s life.

GH previews indicate Sasha gives advice to Chase. Will he change his mind?

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