General Hospital Spoilers: Chase’s Life Is Turned Upside Down, Finn Asks Jackie For Forgiveness

Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) just overheard life altering, devastating news as he walked up on Jackie (Kim Delaney) and Finn’s (Michael Easton) conversation. After bringing the discussion inside, Gregory learned of Finn and Jackie’s affair, and of the possibility of Chase (Josh Swickard) being his grandson.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, after Jackie, Finn, and Gregory, parted ways after the big secret was exposed, Gregory and Finn both ended up at Chase’s apartment, where he overheard a small portion of their conversation, and saw DNA test results on Finn’s phone.

General Hospital spoilers and previews suggest Chase doesn’t take what he saw on Finn’s phone lightly, and questions his brother.

General Hospital previews show Finn stopping by to have a word with Jackie, asking that someday she is able to forgive. Fun could be referring to himself and Jackie, or he could be asking Jackie to forgive him and Gregory for going forward with telling Chase the truth. How will this family handle the fallout?

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