General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Renault Is Bad To The Bone- Or Is Cyrus Renault A Good Guy?

Cyrus Renault is bad Jeff Kober Cyrus and Martin Pikeman

Other than a lot of empty preaching, Cyrus hasn’t done much to SHOW that he’s a new man. Although he has stepped up for an underdog or two in need, Cyrus Renault is bad to the bone.

Undoubtedly, Something’s different about Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). It’s hard to believe that a man of his evil capabilities can just leave it all behind. According to GH spoilers, Cyrus has big plans. GH rumors surrounding Martin and Cyrus suggest that these two brother are working together. I’m a shocking revelation, GH rumors claim that Lucy stumbles upon a startling discovery. So, if Cyrus has big plans, will they hurt or help the innocent people of Port Charles? While many believe that Cyrus is bad to the bone, others think he’s a changed man.

General Hospital Blog wants your opinion! What do General Hospital fans think about the new and improved Cyrus Renault? Is he the real deal? Is he on his vigilante sh!t, or a down right baddie?

It seems like Cyrus has even more connections in Pentonville than he did as a free man. Is he using his reach for good?What do you think? Is Laura Spencer’s (Genie Francis) brother still bad to the bone?

Is Cyrus Renault still bad to the bone?

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