General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Falls For Scotty Through Their Little Charade To Take Down Tracy Quartermaine

Lucy falls for Scotty
Lucy falls for Scotty

Once a sheister always a sheister. That’s how I feel about Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). Deep down it seems like he has a good heart, but everything in between is a big ole mess. Blurred lines run in all directions in Scott’s life. From his career to his relationships, there’s always so clouded, gray area where Scotty is involved.

And by “gray area,” what we really mean is flawed intentions and tactics. Even when he truly loves someone Scott, Baldwin can’t manage to keep things pure and honest. as for the law, he might know how to win, but his practices are not black-and-white.

General Hospital recaps highlight his recent and firm break up with Dr. Liesel Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) after Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) died things have not been the same between them, and now Scotty must move on. According to General Hospital spoilers, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and her old friend Scotty team up to take down Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot).

Lucy Falls For Scotty

Meanwhile, Lucy tried to play it tough when she was arguing with Tracy. Then once Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) stepped in, it was like Lucy had the rug pulled from under her. She wasn’t just battling Tracy her long time rival. She now faces a younger, and maybe even spunkier Quartermaine. Although Lucy played like she was so in love with Martin, General Hospital rumors indicate that she and Martin Gray are on their way to the end of the road. GH spoilers tease that Lucy’s scheme for Scott to marry Tracy serves as the catalyst for bringing her and Scotty back together.

You never know what can happen. Scott and Lucy were once madly in love, and had a daughter named Serena Baldwin. Maybe neither of them can settle down with another because they are meant for each other.

General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Warns Michael To Think Twice Before Making His Next Move

Martin warns Michael about Willow
Martin warns Michael about Willow

Martin Gray has hell to pay! He gave up Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) to save himself. As a result, the bumbling attorney broke the client/attorney confidentiality laws. Furthermore,

Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) pulled a fast one on Nina’s attorney, and was able to get a recording of Martin’s confession. Michael has all the proof he needs to have Nina in his control. According to GH spoilers and rumors, Martin warns Michael to think twice before exposing Nina. Currently, all that Michael can think about is confronting his step mom, ultimately exposing her secret. However, there is one little detail that Michael overlooked.

The latest General Hospital promo indicates that Michael is ready to make his move. Additionally, GH rumors tease that Martin warns Michael about Willow. Her miraculous recovery and fresh start to life should be handled with care. Willow recently started to build a relationship with her mother, and she’s happy.

Will Michael want to take that away from his new bride? GH rumors claim that he reconsiders his plan and gives Nina a choice. Michael wants the final say when it fines to Nina’s interactions with Willow, Wiley, and Amelia. Will Nina accept in exchange for Michael’s silence?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ned Remembers Everything- He Didn’t Overhear What Nina Did For No Reason

Ned remembers Nina’s secret
Ned remembers Nina’s secret

Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) is a key player in this whole Nina/SEC storyline. But first, can anyone tell me when he changed his name from Ashton to Quartermaine? I know he’s been going by Q for a while, but I must’ve missed when he officially changed it over. And every time I write about Ned it trips me up LOL. But Quartermaine it is, I suppose.

Alright, back to the storyline suspense! General Hospital spoilers promise that Nina soon gets what’s coming to her. The secrets she keeps from Sonny will blow up in her face, and the fairytale ending that she thought she landed is soon over. Currently, Michael just learned some startling information about who turned in Carly and Drew to the SEC.

Ned remembers Nina’s secret

First, he received a text from someone whose contact information wasn’t saved in his phone. So, that tells us that whoever gave him this information isn’t someone close to him. Then, he spoke with this unknown businessman on the phone right after he congratulated Nina and kissed her cheek. Understandably, Michael’s vibe took a dive after that call. Now, the majorly of GH fans believe that Michael knows it was Nina, and that he’ll expose her for the lying, betraying, untrustworthy woman they always knew her to be.

Despite the hype about Michael outing Nina, General Hospital spoilers remind fans that someone already knows the truth. According to GH recaps, Ned Ashton, aka Eddie Maine, overheard exactly what Nina had done. At the time, he made it clear that her secret wasn’t safe with him and marched right over to tell Drew. And we all know what happened next. Suddenly, Ned’s injury worked in Nina’s favor since he now doesn’t remember himself as Ned, let alone what Ned overheard.

Nina is surrounded on all sides as more people know what she’s done. GH spoilers tease that Ned didn’t overhear Nina incriminate herself for no reason. And at some point, whatever Ned and Eddie have up “their” sleeve is going to come out and bite Nina.

General Hospital Spoilers: Early Release For Sonny’s Enemy? Cyrus Renault Uses His Get Out Of Jail Free Card-

Cyrus gets released from Pentonville
Cyrus gets released from Pentonville

Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is on his own, and left to fend for himself. It’s a jungle out there in Pentonville, but Cyrus’s stay has been more like The Four Seasons. Up until now he was in cahoots with the Warden. But I w that she’s leaving, Cyrus can say “so long” to his special treatment.

Thus far, Mr. Renault has had it made. It’s not a cake walk to carry out a prison sentence but Cyrus knows how to play the system. Additionally, he knows exactly how to manipulate and gaslight those around him. Apparently, when you preach what you don’t practice, it’s easy to fool others into believing that you’re something that you aren’t.

Cyrus Uses Get Out Of Jail Free Card… Is His Army Ready For Their Mission?

General Hospital spoilers tease that things won’t be so cushy for Cyrus. Yesterday, Pentonville Warden Ellen Gartin had some bad news for Cyrus. Consequently, the Mayor’s brother is on his own- for now.

According to the warden, she’s been transferred due to a promotion. She’s washed her hands of Cyrus and their covert activities. Although he has family members in high places, the remainder of Cyrus’s sentence seems daunting. That is unless things turn around for the self-proclaimed profit.

Finally, the latest GH spoilers and rumors indicate that Cyrus gets released from Pentonville earlier than anticipated. That means he will be free to roam the streets, endangering even more lives than when he was behind bars.

General Hospital Spoilers: Walt Willey Spills On His GH Return, “This Is Old School Jackson”

Walt Willey reveals GH spoilers! Previously, General Hospital Blog shared the latest on Walt Willey’s GH status. Earlier this Summer, the iconic daytime television star brought All My Children’s Jackson Montgomery to General Hospital.

His unforgettable role as Pine Valley Attorney Jack Montgomery was lost but never forgotten when AMC came to an end. Then, Willey revived the role for GH. General Hospital recaps recall Jack got acquainted with Lucy and Felicia when he caught them snooping for dirt on Martin. His appearance was impactful but brief, and things were kind of left unfinished.

Walt Willey Reveals GH Spoilers

Reportedly, GH news and spoilers reveal Walt Willey teases fans about his upcoming scenes. The actor took to Twitter to thank General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini. In recent tweets, Willey revealed Jackson Montgomery’s return along with his own GH spoilers. He gives fans a little taste when he reveals, “Can’t tell you much but will say: this is “Old School” Jackson, definitely “OG” baby!…” Check out the image below for Walt’s full tweet!

Get ready for some interesting sparks to fly between Jackson and Lucy. GH, Spoilers and Rumors teams that Lucy uses the situation to grab Martin’s attention. But will her plan work as she hopes?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jackson’s Back And Lucy’s Hot And Bothered- Martin Isn’t Amused

Martin sees Lucy and Jackson

Martin sees Lucy and Jackson hitting it off.

…Oh the games people play. Lucy plays a game of her own to ruffle Martin’s feathers. Will it work? Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) hasn’t been completely honest with Lucy Co (Lynn Herring). That’s not saying that she’s been completely honest with him either. But we all know the saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Quite frankly, I sense that these two are headed for disaster.

General Hospital recaps for Monday, August 29th recall Lucy and Martin’s argument. The fashion icon and cosmetics industry wants some answers. Right now she can’t wrap her head around why the man she loves wouldn’t give up money to marry her. Previously, GH spoilers revealed that Martin receives 50,000 from his third ex-wife. understandably bad news sent Lucy into a tailspin. So she can fronted Martin and things got a little heated.

According to General Hospital previews and spoilers, things become even rockier between Martin and Lucy when Jackson Montgomery unexpectedly arrives in Port Charles. Evidently, the Pine Valley attorney is no friend of Martin’s. Martin made that clear when Lucy mentioned his name. That’s when Martin muttered Montgomery’s (Walt Willey) name in sort of a breathy yet antagonistic tone. After that reaction, it sure seems like Martin doesn’t care too much for Mr.

That being said, GH spoilers tease that Lucy uses her feminine power to spark a reaction out of Martin. Martin sees Lucy and Jackson getting along a little too well, especially considering that he represents the plaintiff who is suing Lucy and Deception.

General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Stole The Deceptor From Ex-Wife #3- The Plaintiff’s Identity Revealed!

Martin stole the Deceptor Plaintiff’s identity revealed

Martin stole The Deceptor?! …How will the Pine Valley turned Port Charles Attorney get himself out of this predicament?! There’s no way that Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) will be able to escape this mess. Sadly for him, not even the fact that he is a lawyer could convince Lucy to be okay with this. And to think that she kept gushing about his contribution to the birth of the Deceptor! Oh, the nerve!

General Hospital Recaps: Do you need to catch up on Lucy’s latest drama? Here’s a little refresher on what’s happening with Lucy, her man Martin, his ex-wife, and Deception Cosmetics. Evidently, she should have adhered to the age old saying, “never mix business with pleasure,” because now she learns her lesson. First, she let lines cross when she discussed her business with her boyfriend. That’s when Lucy took interest in Martin’s idea. Ultimately, she created The Deceptor based off of hers and Martin’s conversation. Apparently, Lucy’s latest pride and joy turns out to be one of her biggest mistakes. As it turns out, running with Martin’s idea lands Lucy and her 30 year old company in front of a Judge.

According to the latest GH spoilers, Lucy and Martin’s upcoming chat apparently gets so heated that a little splash of something is needed to cool it down. Talk about DECEPTION, but Martin Gray needs a round of applause for what he’s pulled off his far. Unfortunately, Lucy learns more about Martin’s secrets and the devastating truth she faces.

GH spoilers and previews tease that the plaintiff’s identity is revealed! Once Lucy learns that it’s Martin’s ex-wife that’s doing the suing, let’s just say that Ms. Coe might need one of her gummies.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Can’t Believe Who The Plaintiff Is! Let Alone Their Attorney

Martin’s ex-wife sues Lucy

Martin’s ex-wife sues Lucy! …Lucy Coe (Lucy Coe) better be up for a fight because she isn’t going up against any amateur. Neither the plaintiff nor their attorney are anyone to underestimate.

As far as the opposing attorney goes, recent GH spoilers reveal just who Deception is up against. At this point, Lucy is unaware of who is suing her precious cosmetics company. However, GH rumors tease that she soon learns their identity.

Meanwhile, GH previews and spoilers tease that Lucy becomes assertive with Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) as she wants answers. Exactly why does he reduce 50K a month from ex-wife #3? As it turns out, Lucy gets she gets more information than expected. GH spoilers reveal that Lucy learns a hard truth. Could it be that Martin’s ex-wife sues Lucy for stealing the Deceptor idea? No wonder Martin didn’t want to take any credit for Lucy’s latest product launch!

Reportedly. General Hospital news confirm that Walt Willey returns to GH as attorney Jackson Montgomery. Look for Willey to arrive from Pine Valley on August 28th. Additionally, Jackson meets some stuff competition she. Carly Hughes arrives on set to represent Lucy Coe and Deception in the upcoming trial.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Renault Is Bad To The Bone- Or Is Cyrus Renault A Good Guy?

Cyrus Renault is bad Jeff Kober Cyrus and Martin Pikeman

Other than a lot of empty preaching, Cyrus hasn’t done much to SHOW that he’s a new man. Although he has stepped up for an underdog or two in need, Cyrus Renault is bad to the bone.

Undoubtedly, Something’s different about Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). It’s hard to believe that a man of his evil capabilities can just leave it all behind. According to GH spoilers, Cyrus has big plans. GH rumors surrounding Martin and Cyrus suggest that these two brother are working together. I’m a shocking revelation, GH rumors claim that Lucy stumbles upon a startling discovery. So, if Cyrus has big plans, will they hurt or help the innocent people of Port Charles? While many believe that Cyrus is bad to the bone, others think he’s a changed man.

General Hospital Blog wants your opinion! What do General Hospital fans think about the new and improved Cyrus Renault? Is he the real deal? Is he on his vigilante sh!t, or a down right baddie?

It seems like Cyrus has even more connections in Pentonville than he did as a free man. Is he using his reach for good?What do you think? Is Laura Spencer’s (Genie Francis) brother still bad to the bone?

Is Cyrus Renault still bad to the bone?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Exposes Martin and Cyrus, Martin Needs His Alimony For Cyrus?!

Lucy exposes Martin and Cyrus Pikeman

Lucy exposes Martin and Cyrus! …Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) loves love. She’s a hopeless romantic and not afraid to show off all that PDA (Public Display of Affection). If memory serves me correctly she’s been married five times. So, why not make it a 6th? If it was up to a Lucy, she’d marry Marty in a heartbeat!

General Hospital recaps reveal Lucy’s recent revelation. She went digging into her man’s personal affairs, and found part of the answer she was looking for. Indeed, Martin doesn’t want to get married. As Lucy and her pal Felicia (Kristina Wagner) sniffed around the likes of Pine Valley, Jackson Montgomery, they figured out some of Martin’s secret. As GH recaps recall, Martin receives 50k per month from an ex-wife. Therefore, if he married again he’ll lose that cash stash. But, why does he need it so badly, and where is it going?

According to recent GH spoilers, Martin’s involvement with Cyrus expands. GH rumors claim that Cyrus is as bad as ever, and his brother Martin is helping Cyrus do what he does. When Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) goes digging deeper into Martin’s affairs, GH rumors claim that she comes across a shocking revelation. Lucy exposes Martin and Cyrus for not only their involvement, but leadership in the Pikeman deal with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)?!