General Hospital Spoilers: Dante Pushes Lulu Right Into Dillon’s Arms

Lulu1Dante has messed up, big time! He made a huge assumption last week when he followed Lulu and saw her meet up in a hotel room with her high school ex-boyfriend, Dillon Quartermaine. Dante immediately thought the worst, that his wife and the mother of their son, was cheating on him. We all know that is certainly not the case, as Lulu and Dillon set out to help her parents, Luke and Laura, save her brother, Lucky.

Dante was upset with the assumption that Lulu had been cheating, and instead of waiting until she returned to confront her, he confided in her cousin, Valerie Spencer, and ended up taking her to bed. Now that Dante knows the truth, as Lulu pleads for forgiveness for lying to him about her true whereabouts, he is guilt stricken by how he handled the situation.

Dante and Lulu are definitely a fan favorite couple, and fans have been outraged that Dante would do such a thing, as he has always been an honest man. It’s true that he has always been an honest, family man, but he also has a certain part of his personality that has been insecure when it comes to his relationship. He has a jealous streak, and he jumps to conclusions about his wife and her intentions.

This might be the last straw for Lulu. It’s ironic that Lulu found herself apologixing to Dante, for saving her brother, all the while he was sleeping with her cousin. Could this be what drives Lulu straight into Dillon’s arms? Perhaps Dante will get what he deserves, and what he accused his wife of, will now actually happen.

What do you think, are Dante and Lulu over for good or will they be able to see past one other’s mistakes and find their way back to each other?