General Hospital News and Spoilers: Emme Rylan Breaks Silence On Lulu

Emme Rylan breaks silence on Lulu
Emme Rylan breaks silence on Lulu

It’s incredible how time flies! One day it’s December of 2020, and a fan-favorite leaves General Hospital. Then before you know it, it’s creeping up on four years since then, and whispers of a return fill social media news feeds.

General Hospital recaps recall when Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) went to visit Lulu at her care facility. This past August, Charlotte teared up at her mother’s bedside. She struggles with her mother’s absence, in addition to other family issues. That’s why many fans believe that it’s the perfect time to wake up Charlotte’s mother, Lulu.

Meanwhile, Valentin’s got his work cut out for him on the home front. He’s a father first and foremost, but a Cassadine nonetheless. With that comes challenges that he and Charlotte struggle to handle on his own. According to recent GH spoilers and rumors, it makes perfect sense to wake Lulu from her coma at this time. Naturally, Lulu is a Spencer! She’s strong, resourceful, and most importantly, the Spencer family gives the Cassadines a run for their money. Currently, Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) reach has gone beyond the grave, making Lulu’s daughter his target.

Emme Rylan Breaks Silence On Lulu Spencer’s Return

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal the latest on Emme Rylan and her role as Lulu Spencer. Finally, the actress addressed all the buzz as storyline dialogue recently began to name drop Lulu Spencer. The actress made it crystal clear that she’s open and willing to return to General Hospital as the iconic Lulu.

Emma Rylan Lulu Spencer

Additionally, Rylan disclosed that she’s under the impression that TPTB will call her if and when they plan for Lulu to awaken from her coma. In regard to the flood of fan messages and inquiries the actress started by saying, “I am getting approximately one million messages asking if Lulu is waking up and… I don’t want to ruin storyline ever. I am very much into the integrity of storylines whether I’m in them or not. So I’ve been putting it off and putting it off and putting off talking. Because I’m getting so many messages! I don’t know what to say!”

There’s a fine line between what is allowed to be disclosed and what satisfies the fan’s inquiries. Emme addressed the situation the best she could. She concluded her explanation by stating, “So basically, the bottom line, no matter what the internet says, I have made it very clear to GH that I am always available to play Lulu should she ever want to wake up. It is my understanding that when they choose to wake her up, they would be calling me. That could always change. Who knows? But that is my understanding. When they want to wake her up, they will call me. That’s as much as I know and I have not heard from them.”

What do you think? Are the writers preparing to wake up Lulu just as Charlotte needs her mother the most?

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante Breaks Sam’s Heart In A Shocking Turn Of Events, Homeless Lulu Has Nowhere To Go

Dante breaks Sam’s heart over Lulu
Dante breaks Sam’s heart over Lulu

The inevitable is closer than we all think. Often times, a storyline is left open-ended, kinda like a cliffhanger Friday. Except the resolution doesn’t occur the following Monday. Instead, it could take months or even years to see a storyline conclusion. Particularly, an ongoing storyline has fans speculating for years. Yes, years. Its truly hard to believe that it’s been over three and a half years since Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) fell victim to her Uncle Cyrus Renault (Joff Kober).

GH recaps recall that she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, making her collateral damage. Sadly, Lulu slipped into a coma in December, 2020. Since then her family lives their lives day to day. Charlotte misses her mother dearly, as does Rocco. As for Dante, he misses Lulu too. But he and Lulu weren’t even together at the time of the tragedy. However, she was just about to tell Dante (Dominic Zanprogna) that she was done with Dustin and wanted to try again. Then Julian Jerome set off the bomb before Lulu got her chance.

Dante Breaks Sam’s Heart When Lulu Comes Home

According to General Hospital spoilers, a shocking twist brings Lulu back home. And not just back home, but back home with Dante. First, she must awaken from her coma and go through the routine examinations in order for clearance to go home. Then, Lulu must recuperate in a comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, Lulu wouldn’t have anywhere to go if she were to awaken right now.

What’s more comfortable than a familiar place or familiar faces to care for you? Nothing. Especially when you’re sick or recovering. Hence the reason for the upcoming dilemma. Maxie and her kids just moved into Lulu and Dante’s old home. Maxie needed a bigger place, and Dante moved in with Sam.

GH spoilers and rumors tease that Dante breaks Sam’s heart when a homeless Lulu needs a place to live. Whether or not Lulu moves in with Maxie, or everyone plays musical houses, Lulu’s return causes Sam and Dante’s split.

General Hospital Spoilers: Timing Is Everything- Charlotte’s Prayers Are Answered, Welcome Home Lulu

Charlotte prays for Lulu to awaken.

…Well, you know what they say, “timing is everything.” As if there could be an actual “bad” time for a loved one to wake up from a coma. Instead, let’s call it an inopportune time for this situation.

There’s no doubt that Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) wants nothing more than for his ex-wife to come back to her family. Lulu (Emme Rylan) has been heavily on her daughter’s mind lately, as she prays for her mother to awaken. General Hospital recaps recall Dante and his stepdaughter Charlotte Cassadine’s (Scarlet Fernandez) recent visit to Lulu’s bedside. In addition, Lulu’s been on her mother Laura Spencer Collins’s (Genie Francis) mind a lot lately.

According to GH news and spoilers, in soap world, name dropping is a suspicious act that has a tendency to allude toward that certain character’s return. Luckily, it’s very rare that a character’s death or departure has an iron clad lock on the door. Sadly, we do end up losing some of our favorites from time to time. However, that’s not the case with Lulu.

After over three years of wondering if any thing and bring Lulu back, and the latest GH spoilers indicate the time is near. Reportedly, brand new, not-so-distant future GH spoilers indicate that Charlotte’s prayers are answered and Lulu wakes up. There’s no doubt that everyone will be so grateful for the miracle. However, Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco) may feel that Lulu’a return to comes at an inopportune time. They’ve moved in together and living together with their children. At this point, Lulu’s recovery could mean the end for Dante and Sam. Moreover, will Maxie (Kirsten Storms) even get to move in before Lulu comes home? Or will this pose an issue for Maxie and her kids, or maybe even for Lulu?

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will Play Lulu Spencer When She Awakens?

Who will play Lulu Spencer? General Hospital fans immediately took issue with Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) absence in Port Charles. Ever since Emme’s GH exit, fans have rallied to bring Emme Rylan back to the role.

General Hospital Recaps: After an unnecessary tragic accident, Luke and Laura’s daughter slipped into a coma, leaving her loved ones behind. However, life goes on as it always does. Right before the accident, Lulu broke things off with (deceased) Dustin Phillips(Mark Lawson) and was about to tell Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) how she feels. Unfortunately, Lulu never got the chance.

Currently, Dante moved on with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), and they’re living happily with their kids. Meanwhile, Dante remains close to Charlotte, Lulu and Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) daughter. According to GH spoilers, something might come out of Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and Dante’s hospital visit. Lulu’s daughter and ex-husband sat by her bedsides as they expressed how they miss her. GH spoilers and rumors tease that their conversation was the crack in the door that will open for her return.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Emme Rylan exited GH back in 2020. When her character was written out of the script, Rylan took to social media to explain that it was not her choice to leave. That being said; she added that she’d be willing to return if and when Lulu is written back into the script. Click HERE for the story.

Who Will Play Lulu Spencer?

As the storyline gears up for Lulu’s awakening, General Hospital fans wonder if the role will be recast. As the majority of discussions revolve around Emme Rylan, recent GH rumors claim that Alexa Havins replaces Rylan as Lulu Spencer. Keep in mind that GH news reports have. Or confirmed any casting changes.

As GH news recall, many GH fans remember Julie Berman as Rylan’s predecessor. Understandably, it’s sometimes difficult to become accustomed to a new face in an established role. Therefore, Rylan has been fan’s most recent choice.

That being said, if you had to choose, should Emme Rylan reprise the role, or should the role be recast?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Shocking Return Has Lulu Second Guessing Her Decision, Will Dante Fight For Love Or Take A Step Back?

Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) just made a life changing decision that is already in question. Just moments prior to Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) shocking arrival at her door, Lulu was so sure of her relationship with Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson).

Dante told Lulu to move on, to not wait around while he was off trying to care for himself and he’s from PTSD. Lulu was hesitant but then unexpectedly found love. Or so she thought. There’s no denying that Dante and Lulu have always had a love that would stand the test of time. Even though they have fallen off due to outside influences and personal choices, they are bound to fall back into each other.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Lulu will be taken back by Dante’s return, and it will seem as those him coming back is an inconvenience to her new life with Dustin. General Hospital previews show Dante telling Lulu that she wishes he didn’t return.

GH rumors suggest Dante gets the vibe that Lulu is bothered by his presence. However, there is something bothering Lulu, but it’s more about the timing than anything. She has already admitted to Dustin that part of her will always love Dante. And saving Dante a place in Rocco and a Charlotte’s life is an absolute.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors claim Dante will definitely have a fight on his hands- a fight for the life of his life. Even though everything in Lulu wants to jump back into Dante’s arms, she is conflicted because she truly has found happiness with Dustin. But that happiness pales in comparison to the life and love she and Dante share.

Will Dante get discouraged by Lulu’s standoffish reaction to his return? Or will he stick it out and wait, or fight for her to come around?

GH Spoilers: Dante Rescues Lulu, Will This Bring Them Back Together?

LanteWaterDante and Lulu have definitely not lost their connection. The connection that attracted them to one another and the connection they have built together as a family throughout the years. Dante’s instinct that something was wrong when he hadn’t heard from Lulu was spot on, despite the advice from Jordan to, “give her some room.” Dante went to The Haunted Star looking for Lulu. As Lulu was being pulling deeper into the water, and trying to stay afloat, her mind wet straight to her heart… Dante and Rocco.

GH spoilers and previews show that after a few failed attempts to locate her, Dante finally sees Lulu struggling in the water. Dante jumps in the water to her rescue, but will they both make it out alright? Dante and Lulu are finally finding their way back to each other, but it could be too late. Will Dante succeed in saving the mother of his child, and will he come out unscathed doing so?

There have been no reports of Emme Rylan (Lulu) or Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) leaving the show, therefore we have every reason to believe that their characters will make it out of this alive, and Lante fans are hopeful that this tragic event will only bring this super couple back together.

The Future of Dante and Lulu

LantebackA couple months ago, Lante fans lost all hope for their super couple, Dante and Lulu Falconeri. The story line revolving around their relationship and marriage is so real, many viewers can relate to what these two have been going through. Marriage takes work. People make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that all love is lost. It’s clear that Dante, despite his actions involving his betrayal with Lulu’s cousin Valerie, does not erase the fact that he loves Lulu and their family together with son, Rocco. And although Lulu may not agree with Dante’s jealousy over Johnny, and other men in her life, including Dillon, and her impulsive Spencer ways, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love and cherish her husband.

Dante and Lulu had hit rock bottom after he cheated on her with her own cousin, and after Lulu turned to Johnny to help get Valerie out of their lives.

However, best friends always have your back. Best friends encourage the good in you, they are there to support you in love and in life, and that is exactly what Maxie and Nathan have done for their best friends, Dante and Lulu. Maxie is always playing match maker, and doing zainy things in the name of love. It looks as though this time, her plan will actually make a positve impact on Dante and Lulu’s marriage.

After being told by Maxie and Nathan, Lulu and Dante both headed to a specific room at the Metro Court. After figuring out that they had been played by their friends and got locked in the room together, Dante and Lulu have now decided to try and work things out.

So what does the future hold for this fan favorite Daytime couple? General Hospital Blog wants to believe that Lante will survive. It’s highly unlikely that the writers would go through all this trouble having Maxie devise a plan, and for Lante to not succeed in working out their problems after all they have been through together.


Inside Carly and Sonny’s Wedding

LanteSonny and Carly have been a General Hospital super couple for over a decade. Even when they aren’t paired romantically, these two are unstoppable. There for each other through thick and thin, Sonny and Carly will always have each other’s back. Of course we have seen their darkest days, and they have been through hell and back with and without one another. But their is just something about their dynamic that keeps drawing them back together.

Sonny and Carly will be getting married for the 5th time, and we would to let you in on a little bit of how their big day is going to all play out. General Hospital spoilers have turned up some interesting revelations.

These two are truly in love, and have the support of their close family and friends by their side. However, on GH, we all know that weddings don’t typically go as planned in Port Charles. It has been said that Michael, who has changed his name to Quartermaine after Sonny killed Michael’s biological father, AJ, will be in attendance with his new love, Sabrina.

A few photos were released as a sneak peek inside this CarSon wedding, however, fans have found it  a tad bit suspicios that Sonny doesn’t make an appearance in any of them! We will leave that scenario to your imagination. Let us know why you think Sonny isn’t photographed in his own home, on his wedding day. Is there more to it than just bad camera angles?


General Hospital Spoilers: Dante Pushes Lulu Right Into Dillon’s Arms

Lulu1Dante has messed up, big time! He made a huge assumption last week when he followed Lulu and saw her meet up in a hotel room with her high school ex-boyfriend, Dillon Quartermaine. Dante immediately thought the worst, that his wife and the mother of their son, was cheating on him. We all know that is certainly not the case, as Lulu and Dillon set out to help her parents, Luke and Laura, save her brother, Lucky.

Dante was upset with the assumption that Lulu had been cheating, and instead of waiting until she returned to confront her, he confided in her cousin, Valerie Spencer, and ended up taking her to bed. Now that Dante knows the truth, as Lulu pleads for forgiveness for lying to him about her true whereabouts, he is guilt stricken by how he handled the situation.

Dante and Lulu are definitely a fan favorite couple, and fans have been outraged that Dante would do such a thing, as he has always been an honest man. It’s true that he has always been an honest, family man, but he also has a certain part of his personality that has been insecure when it comes to his relationship. He has a jealous streak, and he jumps to conclusions about his wife and her intentions.

This might be the last straw for Lulu. It’s ironic that Lulu found herself apologixing to Dante, for saving her brother, all the while he was sleeping with her cousin. Could this be what drives Lulu straight into Dillon’s arms? Perhaps Dante will get what he deserves, and what he accused his wife of, will now actually happen.

What do you think, are Dante and Lulu over for good or will they be able to see past one other’s mistakes and find their way back to each other?

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante and Lulu; The Fallout

LantefalloutDante and Lulu have been through practically everything together. They have experienced a beautiful yet tragic courtship, wedded bliss, pregnancy complications, kidnappings, Magic Milo, and much more. General Hospital spoilers now reveal that Dante and Lulu’s marriage will be put to the test. As Lulu and Dillon remain bonded by their secret, Dante will need someone to confide in when he witnesses Lulu and Dillon sharing intimate time together, in secret. It’s apparent that Dante will take what he sees and interpret it in a way that differs from the reality of what is going on. General Hospital rumors have been circulating that Dante will react to his suspicion of Lulu and Dillon becoming romantically involved, and lean on Lulu’s cousin, Valerie. Although the audience is well aware the the secret Lulu and Dillon are harboring isn’t even their own, but Luke and Laura’s, Dante remains in the dark.

It looks like the happiest couple in Port Charles is headed for a tragic end. These two have been through the ringer, to hell and back… will they be able to overcome Lulu’s secret, Dante’s insecurity, and Valerie’s shoulder to cry on?

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