General Hospital Spoilers: Deal Or No Deal? Ava Sells Wyndemere To Nikolas Or Cyrus?

Ava Sells Wyndemere to Nikolas or Cyrus
Ava Sells Wyndemere to Nikolas or Cyrus?

Ava Jerome (Maura West) wants to wash her hands of her newly acquired creepy castle. She recently became the proud owner of the dark castle but has since put the mansion on the market.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that someone wants to acquire, or regain power in Port Charles. Recently, Ava caught wind that someone wants to buy Wyndemere and Spoon Island. The anonymous buyer brings the element of mystery as Ava ponders her options. According to GH spoilers and rumors, the mystery buyer’s clandestine intentions make a world of difference in selling the property. But how is Ava to know why someone wants to buy Wyndemere and Spoon Island if she doesn’t even know their identity.

Ava Sells Wyndemere to Nikolas or Cyrus Spoon Island

Ava Sells Wyndemere To Nikolas Or Cyrus?

Let’s be honest, anyone that wants to buy Wyndemere has to be a bit eccentric. Or, the potential buyer wants back what’s theirs. According to GH rumors, Nikolas Cassadine’s Port Charles return is on the horizon. However, GH news reports have yet to confirm a Nikolas Cassadine recast. The last actor to step into the role was Adam Huss, who stepped in for Coloma. GH Blog will keep fans updated on any fresh information about Nik’s return and any casting changes to go along with it.

Meanwhile, Ava must decide to sell or not to sell Wyndemere and Spoon Island. She’s eager to rid herself of the property but the offer’s risky nature could pose a threat. Will Ava consider the adverse effects or selling to the unknown? GH rumors go back and forth regarding the buyer’s identity. While Nikolas is the obvious guess since the castle once belonged to him. However, his new connection to Mason and Austin leads to new GH rumors. It’s possible that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is behind the anonymous offer. It could be that he wants Wyndemere and Spoon Island for himself, or he’ll fight Nikolas for it. Do you think Cyrus and Nikolas will fight for Wyndemere?