General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Tries To Talk Himself Out Of The Hole He Has Dug For Himself

Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has been obvious in showing his interest in perusing Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) as a romantic prospect. However, he may have shot himself in the foot when it comes to any chance he could have had with the recently divorced mother and business woman.

General Hospital recaps and spoilers reveal that in his attempt to help Carly, Drew has gone behind her back and approached Nina Reeves with a proposal to buy Carly’s half of the Metro Court.

General Hospital spoilers and previews suggest that Drew explains the logic of his recent actions which has left Carly feeling betrayed and alone in this fight. Of all people to turn to, Carly can’t wrap her head around why he would go to her biggest enemy. Recent GH previews indicate that Drew has to work over time in his explanation to Carly if he wants to salvage whatever relationship that was brewing between them.

Can Drew convince Carly that his intentions were solely to help out in her financial crisis, even though his approach to Nina was not ideal?

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