General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth And Esme Turn On Nikolas- Will Nikolas Leave For Pentonville?

Elizabeth and Esme turn on Nikolas

Elizabeth and Esme turn on Nikolas! Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) is without a doubt taking advantage of his friendship with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). He knows it, she knows it; but how long will she stand for it? 

General Hospital news reports confirm Marcus Coloma will exit GH as Nikolas Cassadine. Speculations surrounding Coloma’s storyline wrap-up suggest Nikolas is going down in a big way.

Nikolas and Elizabeth are in far too deep to stop now even though they both know Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) can’t possibly be the hook killer. Elizabeth risks losing her entire career as a Nurse, as well as, jeopardizing her future with her boys.

General Hospital spoilers tease Nikolas pays the price for keeping Esme prisoner. He manipulated his best friend Elizabeth, roping her into helping him hide a young pregnant woman. Despite feeling like she has no other option, Elizabeth may rethink her position with Nikolas. Will Elizabeth and Esme turn on Nikolas?

General Hospital comings and goings rumors tease a recast is in the works for Nikolas Cassadine as opposed to having the character killed off. According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, former GH star Tyler Christopher spoke out in regard to stepping in to play Nikolas Cassadine. As the original actor to play Nikolas, GH fans associate Tyler with the role the most.

Following Tyler’s announcement on social media, we conducted a GH poll asking fans if they’d want Tyler to return as Nikolas. General Hospital news and spoilers reveal over 1K fans voted to voice their opinion. Results show that 80% of fans voted they’d like to see Tyler to play Nikolas. While 11% said it’s not necessary for Tyler to step in, 10% said they’d like to see him only as a temporary recast. To sum things up, majority of fans voted Tyler Christopher as the preferred actor to portray Nikolas Cassadine.

GH fans vote Tyler Christopher over Marcus Coloma to play Nikolas Cassadine

That said, General Hospital rumors began speculation, claiming that ABC fired Marcus Coloma. GH rumors also claim Tyler Christopher may take his place as Nikolas.

Will Elizabeth and Esme rat him out, ultimately sending Nik straight to Pentonville?