General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Sees Right Through Finn As Her Mental Health Is In Question, Flashbacks Of Past Abuse Rises To The Surface

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is struggling with her mental health. Thankfully she has had Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) by her side through her most recent breakdown.

General Hospital rumors and spoilers reveal Elizabeth isn’t out of the woods after spending time in Shady Brook. She checked herself out and jumped right back into working as a nurse at GH.

As a doctor and someone who loves her, Finn can see that things aren’t right with Liz. Her most recent episode after flashing back to Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) fall in the stairwell has triggered another mental episode, raising concern as Finn stays by her side.

General Hospital previews indicate Elizabeth questions Finn regarding his intentions. Elizabeth believes that Finn thinks she’s crazy and still needs help even though she made the decision herself to check out of Shady Brook. It’s clear there is a deep rooted issue going on with Liz, and General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that the story of Elizabeth’s past abuse is about to rise to the surface.

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